Like Brian, You Too Can Marry An Amazing Colombian Wife!


As far as I'm concerned, one of the worst words in the English language is "settling".


In other words...  Accepting something "lower" than what you really want, because it's almost what you want.




Imagine that you're a parent with your young daughter.


You pour your love and soul into her, and the last thing you'd ever want is for her is to give up on her dreams and take "second-best" because she's "not going to get anything better".


Why is that mindset any different than what we hope for our boys?


...and for that matter, for men?



You Don't Have to Settle


I am here to implore you NOT to give up on your dreams of a beautiful woman, inside and out, who will be your "other half", and NOT your competition.


The two of you will complement each other, and together you will change the world (in your own way) for the better.


That's what happened with Brian.


He joined us on a Colombian Quest Romance Tour to Medellin, and that's where he met Cristina.


Brian and Cristina are a GREAT couple, and a perfect example of multi-national marriage, exemplary of Dream Connections.


They are truly one of "us"; a couple created by Dream Connections, and they are FAMILY.


It's for this, and their love of Colombia, that has inspired us to bring Brian and Cristina into the DC family.


They will be ambassadors and evangelists for the Quest Romance Tour in Colombia.


Expect to hear A LOT more from Brian and Cristina as they begin to "Ramp Up" Colombia and begin teaching you...


  • What "Real" Colombian Families are Like

  • Colombian Culture

  • What Everyday Life looks like in Colombia

  • The Coolest Colombian Landmarks

  • And of course... The FOOD!


...and MORE!


Watch the Webinar Replay Video to watch the full interview and their plans to make the Colombia, Quest Romance Tour the pinnacle in Latin American Matchmaking!


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