Why Some Go Home Empty Handed? International Dating Advice from the Best

For all of the successes that guys have on Quest Tours, there are a handful who don't end up with a lady. And as much as that sucks, it's a dangerous thing to assume that their trip is labeled as a failure. There are quite a few legitimate reasons why that happened.  Dream Connections' romance tour manager, Irina, and Mark Edward Davis discuss the pitfalls that guys fall into, how to avoid them, and how to win... No matter the final outcome.  http://www.DreamConnections.com

Maybe he just wasn't ready to meet his 'other half' yet...

Maybe he just needed some time to find out important things about himself...

Or sadly, he may have had a good thing going with a lady... but blew it.

If you've followed Mark's story over the years, then you know that he traveled abroad FIVE TIMES before meeting Anna.
Were his first four trips Failures? Heck, no! It was all part of his journey that eventually lead him to meeting his half.


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