Why Smart Men Are Looking to Ukraine to Find a Wife


In the Dating Sphere, many men complain about their lack of options.


I can't agree.  There is Opportunity EVERYWHERE -- if you are willing to see it.




For a "Good Man" who is trying to find an old-fashioned woman who wants to have a marriage where both of you happily choose traditional gender roles --  Well, that's a little more challenging.


...but it IS doable!


Here are my recommendations on why SMART Men are Looking to Ukraine to Find a Wife:


1) You Have Options:



If you think you must settle for what's right in front of you, then you will -- Even if it's NOT what you Want!


Plain and Simply...  In Former Soviet Union countries, (like Ukraine) Good, Loyal Men are a Cherished Commodity.  If you are a stable, family-oriented man who wants to be in a loyal marriage, you are the pinnacle of what most women want!


2) Comparing Your Choices:



It's simple Supply and Demand.


First of all, due to shorter life expectancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and lack of good jobs, there is a shortage of "Good Men" in Ukraine.  As a result, women will end up competing for those that are there.  In order to avoid being alone, many Ukrainian Ladies will consider leaving their country for a foreign man.


Comparing Traits of Ukrainian Women vs. Western Women:



  - They are Very Feminine and are Proud to Be Women, whereas Western Women want to "Win in a Man's World" and resent the effort to Dress Up and Put Makeup On


  - They are Authentic, Down to Earth, and Comfortable.  On the other hand, Western Women are Known for Having Created a Game Out of Dating with Rules they Won't Tell Men, but Expect Them to Deliver.  The notion that, "If I have to tell you it ruins the romance" dominates the culture.


  - They Appreciate and Respect Men as Part of their Culture.  But in the West, men are seen as the source of all evil  -  they fill the prisons, start all the wars, are all presumed to be sexual predators, and it is expected to always assume the worst men FIRST.


  - They Expect Men to be Strong and the Leader.  But in the West, it is common to create "negotiations for power"; who will "wear the pants" in the relationship.


  - They have Traditional Values; a Strong work ethic and high value placed on family, elders and children.  On the other hand, values in the West are often self-centered, and work is avoided.


  - They Like to care for, and identify with "their man".  But in Western relationships, people are looking for the other to nurture them.  Rarely do Western couples put their identity in their "half" (the two shall become one).


  - They Love it When they are Shown Romance and Chivalry.  But in the West, gestures of chivalry are often resented and perceived as insults to the woman's ability to care for herself and open her own door.


  - Not only are they Beautiful, but they are also Educated and Sharp!  Women in the West are often not secure enough to enjoy a battle of wits without it being taken as a personal challenge.  


  - They have an Understanding of a Man's Healthy Sexual Appetite:  Sexuality in the West is misinterpreted as something dirty and men's sexual desires are seen as sinful instead of God-given.  Women often use sex as a manipulated reward for approved behaviors by the man. 


But Be careful; make sure you avoid the "Online Dating Industry" all together. 


And, Avoid Major Cities that have been "Westernized".


3) Seeing the Results You Want Modeled in Other's Successes



In order to be successful, find someone who already has what it is you want and model what they did to achieve it.


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