Why Smart Men are Looking to Thailand to Find a Wife


What makes Thai women so special?  Why have so many men started to look overseas to find a wife?  How could YOU become one of the "lucky ones" that men are envious of?



1) Define What You Want: What Are you Looking For In A Wife?


Many guys miss their goals (not only in their love lives, but in general), because they never figure out what they want and just go through life without any direction.


The men who are successful decide first and foremost what they are looking for, and everything else will follow along.


So if you assume that it's a "given" that your future wife will be beautiful, what other traits are you looking for?


Most of our Clients will have these characteristics as a MUST HAVE in a Future Wife:


  • She Must Hold Traditional Values

  • She Must be Willing to put Family First

  • She has a Strong Work Ethic

  • She is Intensely Loyal

  • She is Affectionate

  • She Adores and Admires her Man

  • She is Beautiful

  • She is Warm and Exudes a Nurturing Femininity



2) "Cold Leftovers": What it's Like Being a Man in the West


Women can NEVER understand what it's like being a Man in Today's Society.


Unless you look like Brad Pitt, have Bill Gates' bank account, or are an Instagram celebrity, you are virtually invisible.


Men in the West are Undervalued, and Women are Spoiled.


But you can't blame Women...  It's the Law of Supply and Demand at work!


Because there is a over-supply of Men, and a SHORTAGE of fit, beautiful women...  Men feel like they have to virtually BEG to get attention.


Relationships are in constant negotiation, few men are happy, and they feel LOST.



3) What Makes Thai Women So Special?


Knowing that the dating "deck" is stacked against you, looking overseas is a virtual "Breath of Fresh Air!"


Beautiful Women (who normally wouldn't give you the time of day in the West) are gracious, stylish, and are appreciative of a Good Man.


  • They are tender-hearted

  • They are warm and friendly

  • They respect men, PERIOD.

  • They are feminine

  • They have a wonderful culture of giving

  • The women in Bangkok are educated 

  • They are knowledgeable of the West

  • They like many things you do

  • They are looking for a loving and loyal relationship



4) What Are They Looking For in a Husband?


A common misconception is that these women are desperate to leave their country.  Heck, most of these ladies are not un-like Men from the West, in that they haven't given much thought to the possibility of marrying a foreigner.


But When you know that they are open to the possibility, knowing what it is that they YEARN for in a Man, can help you Become the Man of HER Dreams.


I give you the Desires of a Thai Lady's Heart:


  • She wants romantic attention

  • She wants a faithful man

  • She wants a partner to create a family with

  • She wants a man who will work through conflicts

  • She wants physical attention

  • She wants to be appreciated for being the woman

  • She wants her beauty to be appreciated



5) How Do You Make It Happen?


Plain and Simply, you MUST meet her in person - drop the online dating.


Almost ALL of the men on International Dating Sites are either: 


  • "Creapos"

  • Guys who are "All Talk" and will NEVER go overseas to Actually meet them.


Our company, Dream Connections, will introduce you to pre-screened, sincere ladies In Thailand.


You will be assigned a personal Romance Coach who will help you win her heart; all you have to do is be yourself and have the time of your life!


If you're ready to Actually Meet Her on a Quest Romance Tour, then Take the First step and Fill Out a No-Obligation Profile Form Today to see if we're a Good Fit:


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