White House Responds to Petition for Ukrainian Visitor Visa Access

Earlier this year I asked the men of the Tribe in the US to respond to a petition at the White House to allow Ukrainian citizens to visit the US for 90-days on just a passport the same way we are able to visit Ukraine with just a passport.


This was an official petition and the president is obligated to submit all petitions that receive at least 100,000 signatures within 30-days to the appropriate Congressional review committees for full consideration.


I know many of you have been asking what ever happened to the petition since it was done this last March.  Today we received the response from the White House.  In essence they are saying Ukraine doesn’t meet the standards required for this type of simple access, but it also does not say what those requirements are.


We’re disappointed by this response, but hope that Ukraine will soon meet the requirements needed so my wife’s family – and your future families – can find it easier to come and go.



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