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Interview with Ukrainian ladies. Irina – manager of Dream Connections on Ukrainian Secrets channel.…

From Irina:
Hello, Guys! DC company is with you now. My name is Irina. place, where people give a birth for a beauty. I know, that you admire beauty of Ukrainian ladies, but today, let us ask them some interesting questions.
-I would like to introduce you Dasha.
-Today I will ask her several very important questions. First of all, I would like to ask her what character traits of man she would hope to fall in love with?
- Dasha tells, that she appreciates many qualities in man. Fist of all, she would like to meet family-oriented man, who will love her, and who will love their future children. She also would like to meet sincere person, loving, caring and understanding.
Guys, I would like to introduce Anna. I wanted to ask Anna one question: is it very important to be beautiful, and why?
-Anna thinks, that lady should be beautiful, because she should love herself first of all, only in that case people around her will love her too.
-Dasha tells, that it is very important to be beautiful, especially for woman. Woman would like to be confident about herself, and beauty helps. And the second very important thing, she thinks, that her man should be proud of her, that she looks in such a wonderful way.
-What is the most important things for ice, good and stable relationships.
-Anna thinks, that love is very important in relationships. And love makes relationships to be very special. She also added, that you should trust each other, you should respect each other, you should have many things in common, that is also very important for your future happiness.
-The most important in relationships is understanding, respect, trust and certainly, mutual love.