Throwback Thursday: Traditional Ukrainian Engagement Rituals

One of the most amazing things I've learned, being in an International Relationship, is my Wife's love of her home country's Traditions and Rituals.


One of the ways you can show your lady how much you love and care for her is by honoring her cultural traditions.


For today's "Throwback Thursday", I reach back to 2012, where I interviewed newly-engaged (at that time) Brandon Beck.


We discussed interesting aspects of Ukrainian Culture.  Most importantly, the Traditions you'll want to embrace when it comes to getting engaged, such as:


  • Love Locks - What are they, why it's important, and how to do it right!

  • Engagement Rings: How the expectations are different in Ukraine vs. the Western World, and how to honor those traditions...

  • Meeting the Parents: The Key Elements to the Ritual, and the little things you can do to look like a Star!


...and more!


Check Out the Video Below: 


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