Throwback Thursday: How do you know if a Ukrainian woman is really "in to you"?

How can you tell if she's "IN TO YOU"?  When you leave your country and go to Ukraine to date ladies there, you have to keep in mind that you are the one coming into their culture and dating women who may have a different concept of "normal" dating practices.  


Many men misread the interest of the women there so I created this presentation to shed light on the world you are entering and to help make sense of the signs you receive from the women there.  She may be in to you and you're missing all of the clues.  Or, she many not and you're reading things wrong because you're brining your own dating experience into the picture with false expectations.


This presentation could just save a good relationship and help you move on from ones that won't materialize.  In short - it could change your life.  This is education that is worth your time.


My very best to you,


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