Throwback Thursday, Translator & Client Relationship - a POWERFUL video on international dating

This is the first interview I've done to capture the relationship between a client and his translator.  I realize just how important this relationship is as a component to your success.
In addition, you'll hear more details on Ryan's journey to being engaged to the woman of his dreams on his Quest Tour with Dream Connections.  Here are some of the comments that were posted by men who saw this video on our website:
"Wow ! Speechless...............what a great video.   I felt the emotion just watching. All the best for your future Ryan.
Thanks Mark and Anna, you have something pretty special going here."
"Best video ever Mark!!
Be proud of the great work you and Anna are doing."
"It does not get any more real than this video.
Wonderful and heart felt presentation."
" This is now my favorite video!  This whole video was so emotional it really is inspiring. I wish him and his fiancee the best. Mark you're giving us the best step forward to finding ourselves with a wonderful family."

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