How to Be the Husband Your Wife Adores

If you missed Tuesday's Webinar you won't want to miss the replay! This was a first - and one for the ages!

I've taught on so many things over the years, but never on the fundamentals of an amazing marriage. Yet, we have so many couples now that it only made sense to share what we've learned about creating the relationship of your dreams once you've found the woman of your dreams!

Perhaps I didn't think this would apply to everyone, since it was mostly applicable to the married men, but I was wrong. This was revolutionary to everyone.

After teaching on How to Be the Husband Your Wife Adores, I realized that it was refreshing to many men who had simply developed a bad taste for the entire concept of marriage and needed to see it in the positive light we know it to be.

For other men, this was pure straight talk that confronted the reasons they had failed relationships in the past.

Finally, this talk provided inspiration and practical tips for everyone; the newly married and those who need to imagine a better view of how relationships can be for when their time comes and they have their queen by their side.

Here were some of the comments from the Webinar:

"Wow dude you make marriage not sound that bad. I have such a very bad view of marriage."

"Mark, I love how you never pull any punches. You say how it is and that's really refreshing."

"Really enjoyed last night's webinar, Mark. You have no idea how timely the presentation was. My wife and I were just saying...."

"WOW!!! ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND!!!! MARK, this needs to be expanded into a book!!! Maybe, "The Ideal Marriage...It is Possible!!!"

I really want to share this one with you for all of those reasons. Please make time to watch this really - it's that important.

In fact, this is going to be added to the resources we give to all men at the end of their Quest Romance Tours.

How to Be the Husband Your Wife Adores... my first teaching purely dedicated to advice for marriage. But I realize how much more it really is:

  • This is a roadmap for maintaining ecstasy in your relationship for life! 

  • This trains you on how to keep focused on the love.

  • There is conflict resolution training with a new twist that delivers wonderful outcomes

  • Support for each other in all areas of life - even when you're apart during the day

  • A new paradigm for powerful intimacy and a warning about things that can harm it

She wants to connect with you on every level. You want to feel fully alive and loved. This is how you're going to make it happen together every day for the rest of your lives.

Click the video below to Watch the Full Replay:


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