The Best Places to Find Your Future Wife




Most people don't get this far in deciding that looking overseas may be a viable pursuit to find your "Other Half".


Sadly, because the thought of looking overseas hasn't even entered most men's minds, they end up "settling" for a mediocre woman and having a mediocre life.


But...  I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way; you CAN have it all -- provided you make some smart decisions beforehand and know precisely what you want.


Read the rest of the article below, and I'll show you what your options are, and you can make the best decision in pursuing a wife overseas: 



 What Are You Looking For in a Wife?


First, you need to decide what it is that you want.


First and foremost, you need to assume that these women are ALL going to be beautiful, so putting that aside, you'll need to look beyond her looks and focus on her values and the way she treats you.


Most Ladies who gravitate to our company have Strong Traditional Values, putting Family First and have a very strong work ethic.  They are extremely Loyal, Affectionate to their husbands, and a Warm and Nurturing Feminity.


Of course, there are other traits for ladies, but we've found that women of this set of values makes for a more stable, and longer lasting marriage. 



How to Meet a Potential Wife Overseas


There are 4 Steps to Meeting a Secure Woman in Other Countries:


1) Follow Your Heart: Look at all of the different options out there and notice where you're drawn to, and why.


2) Find a Trustworthy Resource who Knows Sincere Women There: This person should be in alignment with your goals...  You're looking for someone who is also marriage-minded, AND they should have a proven track record of success, with many testimonials.


3) Don't Waste Time with Online Correspondence: There is so much fraud and deceit online; hold on to your heart, wait and meet them in person.


4) Get Good Counsel on How to Date in Their Culture to Win Her Heart:  Cultures are different.  What may "fly" in your country could be offensive or an immediate turn-off.  The best counsel is a woman from that culture who is "in your corner" and will caution you about behavior ahead of time, and will care about you enough to give you "tough love" when you mess up. 



What is Unique and What is Similar About the Locations Dream Connections Goes To?


Click on the Video at the top of this page and watch the webinar replay video where I go in detail on the different locations Dream Connections operates to get a better understanding of what is unique and what is different about the ladies in each country.



Where to Start?


1) Go look at Our Ladies' Profiles.


2) Listen to Your Heart - Pay attention to the ladies you're drawn to.


3) Notice what country these Ladies are located and choose that country.


4) The next thing to do is Fill Out a No-Obligation, Free Profile Form and we'll have a REAL conversation with you to learn your goals, we'll show you options, and if we're a good fit. 


5) Have a Complimentary Skype Call with a Foreign Lady: In other words, speak to one of our managers.  She'll learn your goals, you'll discuss the options we provide, and together you can decide if it's a good fit.


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