REPLAY: Why Smart Men are Going to Ukraine to Find a Wife

This may be the most powerful video for men that exists anywhere on the Internet!


In simple and direct language, it unlocks the mysteries behind the frustrations and disillusionment for men in a way that is painfully honest and completely liberating at the same time.


Yes, the dating scene is brutal and loneliness sucks! But you have more options than you realize! The world has changed and presented new choices never before available in modern times.


The longer I’ve been in international matchmaking the more I realize that it’s the smart men who are open to considering all of their options – and not settling for less than their heart’s desires. ?This presentation sheds light on why this is the most intelligent thing a man could do when considering where to look for a person he’d want to marry.  Even more, it shines a beacon onto cultures in the West, where we live, that seem to despise men.


My wish is that every man could see this. Please watch and then pay it forward – share it with at least one good man today. He needs it. You need it. We all need to hear this message – often.