REPLAY: Why Smart Men are Going to Medellin Colombia to Find a Wife

If you’ve read my book then you know that I started my international dating adventures in Latin America – Brazil to be specific.


In this presentation I share some never-before seen photos from my dating days in Sacramento and in Brazil as a lead in to this story.




Last week I gave a powerful presentation entitled, “Why Smart Men are Looking to Ukraine to Find a Wife“.  Please watch that one as well.  That presentation makes a different set of points that all help make sense of the dating scene here in the West.  You’ll experience many “ah ha!” moments as I lay out the contrast between these two dating worlds and you’ll know that you’re not the only one feeling frustrated at home.


Medellin Colombia has emerged as a vibrant city of high technology and brilliant and beautiful women. Why are smart men looking to Colombian women for wives? This video captures it and more. It’s really a tale of cultures: Western and traditional Colombian.


Of course, the best advice is to follow your heart.  This may help confirm your path toward Ukraine, make you realize your heart is drawn toward Colombia, or simply broaden your understanding of cultures around the world.


I hope you enjoy the replay of this presentation as much as I enjoyed giving it.


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PLUS – In this presentation you’ll see photos and hear about my personal dating experience that led me overseas – first to Latin America!

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