International Marriages Completely Re-Define Relationships


First: "Relationships Re-Defined"


Have you ever heard this kind of logic, "Marriage is not a 50-50 relationship; it's 100-100!" Of course. We all have. That's what you've been told by pop psychology. It suggests that you just have to give your 100% and then find someone who would give their 100% and you'd be fine. Right? That's the same terminology you'd expect to hear in a negotiation, not a relationship. In my opinion, this is the number-one reason is why relationships in the West are failing! The greatest wisdom and truth is simple - easy to grasp. But it will blow your mind and could change you forever. The concept I'm going to share with you came to me from learning about a particular Japanese custom and a Greek legend - and I'll tell you why this new paradigm has a greater probability of success than what hundreds of millions experience in modern Western society! This is BIG!



Second: "Healthy Roles for Men & Women in Relationships"

Why is this Important? Simply put, if you are looking for a marriage (or long-term relationship) with a traditional international woman, then you are going to have to “man-up” in the relationship, in a way that scares ’milquetoast’ guys… In this webinar you’ll learn:


  • The Historic Perspective on the roles of Men and Women
  • What Traditional Women are YEARNING for in their relationship with a Man
  • Why most Western relationships are DOOMED to failure!


Believe me, by the end of the webinar, you’ll have the Top Tools You’ll Need to put your relationship on the strongest footing to ensure it’ll last a lifetime!