Matt s Rebirth of Happiness and Love


Have you ever felt like your life is just...stagnant


You wake up every day and go to work, you eat, and then go to sleep.  There is no purpose, no passion, no drive.  So many of us just go through the motions and aren't living life


For many men, they are held back by their "buts".


"BUT it costs a lot...BUT I might not find someone...BUT what if this happens..."


All those Buts are just self-doubt and fear.


Do you want a better life?  Then it's time to get off your "But"!


Matt finally got off his But and came to Thailand with us.  And his eyes were opened to a new world!  


During yesterday's webinar, I premiered this amazing interview where Matt and I talked about how his daughter gave him the kick-in-the-But he needed to make that leap of faith and join us in Bangkok.  Now, Matt is living the life that he always dreamt about - filled with passion, desire, and purpose. 


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