Individual Tour - A Program Catered to Men Who Want a Personalized Experience Without the Group

  Individual Quest Tours (IQT)

The IQT is offered to those men who can’t make a group tour date or prefer to make their Quest without the group experience or to a city not on the current group tour schedule. These have had a fantastic level of success and satisfaction for our IQT clients.

What is Included in an Individual Quest Tour (IQT)?

  • FULL SUPPORT – We provide you with personal coaching, training and resources to maximize your chances for success when you go to Ukraine, Thailand or Colombia in search of your life-partner.
  • ORGANIZED INTRODUCTIONS – We arrange a minimum of 5 dates with women you have chosen from several sources, all of whom match the description and qualities you have described in your questionnaire and in pre-trip discussions with your DC coach. We provide classy and comfortable settings for the dates in quiet cafes, restaurants and at local attractions.
  • HOTEL WITH BREAKFAST AND WIFI - Comfortable rooms located near the city centers. Every morning will start with a casual breakfast meeting with your coach. Keep in touch back home through the internet and Skype calls (ask us how).
  • PERSONAL ASSISTANT / TRANSLATOR - You receive a full-time local interpreter/P.A. while you are in Ukraine or Colombia. She will also be your guide, date coordinator, as well as your advocate. Your translator will be your shield and B.S. detector.
  • IN-COUNTRY CELL PHONE - Hand You Your Own Personal In-Country Cell Phone pre-programmed with your translator’s number and your guide’s local number. You’ll take this phone home with you so you can use it again when you come back to spend more time with others you meet on the tour.
  • AIRPORT GREETING – You’re never alone! We pick you up at the airport and travel with you to and from the airport and your hotel and help you with check-in and acclimation to the country’s unique and friendly surroundings.
  • POST-TRIP SUPPORT – Once you’re connected with that amazing and special woman, you need to keep the fires burning once you return home and plan for the next stages of your relationships. You’ll have access to coaches, translators, and our recommended visa attorney to help you win during the time that follows (some additional costs their services would apply). We provide the support you’ll need to take you through the visa process and all of the adjustments to life at your home. And, you get all this for about half the price as old school executive tour programs!


    This is the GOLD package. It includes everything described above (hotels, cell phone, translator / coach, advanced set introductions, post-trip support, etc.) and extends for 8 days and 7 nights, same as the group tour, and is based on confirmed, mutually agreed upon, dates in Nikolaev.

    Price: $7,950.00

    This level offers all the benefits of the personal program, along with more time and more city options. With the 2 week Executive tour, you and your coach will travel together to multiple cities in search of your Second Half, spending approximately 14 days in-country. This will allow you to date up to 10 women carefully pre-selected by you and your coach in pre-travel communications. City pairs can be arranged, based on the dates’ locations.

    Price: $10,950.00

    There have been clients who insist on having Anna Davis or Irina Tkachenko as their Romance Coach for their IQT program. Anna and Irina manage the company and their time is extremely valuable. However, they will dedicate their time to your program for a premium. This tour program is for 9 days / 8 nights and either of these ladies will be your matchmaker and date translator, just like the full-time role of a Romance Coach. If you want the best of the best, it can be had for a premium.

    Price: $15,950.00