Nastia’s Dreams For a Good Man


The wonderful energy of youth, and hope in the heart of this Ukrainian girl, comes across. It's an interview that is real and genuine. Get to know her in this interview and plan on being on the next Quest Romance Tour!


Here's What She Said:


"My name is Nastia.  I am from Nikolaev.  I have been studying in this city for four years already.


I study pedagogy and English, basically.  But I want to be a teacher; I want to be a Translator.


I like English and I like to communicate, but I'm a little shy.  That's why I'm here!  I want to use my knowledge...


When I have spare time, I like to spend it with my friends.


We usually travel a lot; mostly around Ukraine for now, but we dream to visit many different places all over the world.


I like to cook Ukrainian traditional dishes and (especially) baking.


I am fond of sports; I attend the gym and do sort of sport dances.  I like hiking, and cycling.


I got to know about Dream Connections from a friend of mine; she works in the company as a Romance Coach.


She told me that this is a place where people can find their second half.  She told me about several examples when people met each other through Dream Connections; that it is real.  That men make proposals to ladies; that those guys are really ready for serious relationships, which is wonderful!


I met many guys today -- They are so open-minded and pleasant to be with.  They are willing to have families, and this is so obvious.


Unfortunately, it is different here in Ukraine. 


I am finishing my studying now, and I have such a period in my life when I started thinking about creating relationships, that is why I am here.


The biggest difference between foreign and Ukrainian guys is that they do not give promises without making sure; that they will be able to keep their word.


Unfortunately, Ukrainian guys are not the same.  That is why, I hope, that I will meet a true man, who will love me and will do his best for our relationship.


It did not happen for me to have a good example of a man in my life before; who would do nice things for his woman.


That is why I sincerely hope that I will have it in my future.


I do not want to just receive; I want to give to my man all the best.  


I want to have a happy family.  I need a man who will help me to have that happy family -- who will arrange out life, who will be able to create our happiness, and I am ready to help him with that; to support him in everything."




Does this lady's class and poise appeal to you?


Is it a breath of fresh air, compared to the women you usually date?


Does a devoted, faithful wife who looks to you as the leader, and who wants to create a family with you seem like something you're looking for?


Maybe you should stop 'fishing in the same local pond', and look overseas to find your "other half".


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