Our Mission


Do you Remember The Blues Brothers?


I love that movie.


Among all of the slapstick comedy and awesome music, they're driven by the simple premise - to save the old orphanage they grew up in, and are motivated by the mantra:


"We're on a Mission from God"


Now I don't hide the fact that I am the son of a pastor.


But... I think the thing to learn from this is the underlying premise... That there is a motivating principle that drives Jake and Elwood (as well as us), forward.


...and THAT is what last Tuesday's webinar was all about.


I talked all about the underlying principles that motivates us here at Dream Connections, where we were, where we are, and where we're going.


For example:


  • Why we, as a company, are motivated by the heart, NOT by the selfish pursuit of cash -- Unlike most companies in our industry. 

  • Our 7 Core Beliefs -- How and why we came up with them, and how it motivates every choice we make as a business. 

  • The 7 Motivators that make up our company's Mission. 

  • Who "The Tribe" is, and how they help Multi-National Relationships work. 

  • How we went from 3 clients on our first Tour, and 21 attendees on our first webinar, to HUNDREDS

  • Where We're going: New cities, How We're Helping Men Reclaim their Masculinity in a "Snowflake" world, and the Global Expansion of our Message to the Mainstream.


Click the Link Below to Watch the Replay:



There are so many great things that are going on, that sometimes we need to pause and appreciate them.


And, in homage to the Blues Brothers, (and that classic 80's song), "The Future's so Bright we Gotta Wear Shades."


Talk soon,




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