Men Who Marry Overseas Tell Their Stories

International dating is a new concept to many men.


It's one thing to fantasize and dream about marrying a beautiful foreign woman, but when the "rubber meets the road", the best way to find out how to actually DO it may be a bit intimidating.


But...  Taking a cue from Tony Robbins, the best way to achieve your dreams is to find someone who already has what you want, model what they did, and do that!


Check Out the stories from 15 different men who are married or engaged to women overseas:


1) Law and Alona Jackson: 


"These women have done things for us that we could not imagine any other woman doing.  When I started meeting different people from Ukraine, there were a lot of things that surprised me. But now that I'm five years into my marriage, I can look back and say that there are things that I could not have expected.


I went overseas to find a mate because I was so sick of my Dating experiences here, in the States..."


Click on the video below to watch the rest of Law's interview:




2) Nick and Julia Rodriguez:



"My wife Julia changed my life in so many wonderful ways since we've been together.  By far, she's the most incredible woman I'll ever meet.  I could go on and on about the different things she has done to make our lives better, but I'll limit it to just a few, not to make this too long.


Julia's probably the most generous woman I have ever met.  She gives without question, and is always available to offer help, or share her thoughts with me.  She's excellent in taking care of me, because she WANTS me to be healthy, and live a long life with her.  I'd find this to be one of the biggest compliments she could give me.  


Her love is never ending, and she is completely devoted to the family.  This has made our home a wonderful place; and after having her in my life, I couldn't imagine any other way.


We both love each other completely, and are the best of friends; it's just an amazing feeling.  I'd NEVER met a woman whom I could spend so much time with, and still it's not enough.


Together we have already shared so many adventures.  And, still, so enthusiastic about all the future has to offer for us.


To have someone in my life that makes it so enjoyable, is a true gift.  And, a day never goes by where I think I'm missing out on something.  The truth is... I WAS missing something.


You know guys...  When you have a woman in your life that makes such a profound impact on you, all your well-being really makes you appreciate how beautiful life is, and what a blessing family can be.


I truly hope that all the men in the "Tribe" get the opportunity to find their partner in life, because we all deserve to be happy.


Warmest regards,




3) Paul and Nadia Eskew:



"On Nadia and my second date, we met at 'The Center', and she came bearing a gift for me.


She brought some homemade jam and I was so floored and surprised by her.  Her caring was unbelievable. 


That night we went bowling, which was quite comical, with champagne, cheese, and grapes. After that, we went to a movie in a Russian thriller - "What Lies Beneath." She always made sure that we didn't pay too much when we were going to the store to buy food or when we went to movies.


This would never have happened in America.


The day before I left, we all met in a coffee shop, and then she came bearing gifts then too!  She had a small gift for me and my daughter, and chocolates, and food for me for the airplane ride home, and a photo of both of us that she had printed and put into a frame.


Another incident came when I came back in November for all of us to go on vacation to Crimea, in Yalta:


Her daughter, and Nina (the interpreter), on coming back from the train before crossing the border.  The guards were questioning me about where I'm from and how did I get there -- with no trail showing that I was just on the train.  Well, she stepped up immediately and told this guard that I was her man, and her fiancé and we had just had a vacation time there.


After some discussion, they just moved off.


When I got back to our flat, she just brought slippers to me, 'cause I had none, and just told me how important for her that I was, and to make sure I was ok.




4) Paul and Tatiana Barrington



"Hey, Mark, wanted to tell you a little story, which stands out to me with my woman.


First of all, I can tell that during all my dating and my marriage, I was supposed to know everything about my woman (I am talking about my previous relationships). 


They should never tell me about anything; I should supposed to know everything without having even a clue. 


This story with my us is so simple.  She simply lets me know everything about her. I mean everything.


It is so simple that (it) shouldn't amaze anyone, (but after dealing with the women from the other side of the world), I am just continually amazed.


So at first, when she would tell me things, I would just freeze; I didn't know how to react.


One thing I've realized is that it takes an element of pressure off the relationship -- I don't have to guess what she's feeling; if she is feeling bad, or bored, or unhappy and (pray to God) that I would guess correctly. With that typical western women response, "You should have known".


One day (to give an example), we were both at work and we always text each other throughout the day.


Well I've not texted her quite a while, and I didn't receive a text from her either.  I'd guessed she was busy. She asked why I hadn't been texting her for so long.  My answer was, "I thought that you were busy and I didn't want to bother her."  She basically told not to assume anything, but to just ask and I would know exactly what was going on if I've asked -- And, in a very loving, kind, and tender way.


So I realized that I've been playing in "you should have known" game because of all my training in the past and I'm going to have to break the habit.  Gladly I worked on that. Hopefully it works for you.


(I'm) Leaving to Ukraine next week, and hopefully I'll see you there.


Have a great one,




5) Patrick and Natalia: 


I did a full interview with Patrick about his story meeting and falling in love with Natalia.  Click on the video embed above to watch his full story.


6) Brandon and Oksana Beck:



"My wife plays softball. And keep in mind that it is not a game she grew up playing.


She started learning the game from the beginning and continues to practice and get better -- it's because I enjoy the game.


There are some photos on facebook as well, of her shooting a gun (imagine that!), another hobby of mine that she is now taking an interest in.


There are two areas my wife is different from western women that have been poisoned by this feminist ideology:


First, is that she wholeheartly believes in the segregated roles of man and women. There's no competition between Oksana and I, when it comes to the roles and responsibilities - there's man's work, and woman's work.  I have not washed a single load of laundry or washed a dish since she has arrived.


I don't even cook, unless it's to grill outside, because...  Well, that's man's work!


Consequently, the outside and home repair chores are mine.


The second way Oksana differs from the western cultured women is that she's feminine.


There is no such thing as leaving the house without her makeup done, she is always the best-dressed person at every gathering. My wife takes pride in being beautiful and embraces the fact that she is judged by her appearance and she just accepts it.


Finally...  My wife puts me first.


When it comes time to eat - I get served first.  When I'm working late, there will be a plate in the refrigerator with heating instructions.


My wife went shopping last week with some of her girlfriends from Bible study, and I had no idea what she bought.  Do you know why?  Because everything they purchased was part of MY Christmas present.


Imagine that:  A girl's shopping trip -- and my wife spent all of her time on me.  And I don't even need to tell you how good these women are with money.  Oksana saves and shops for deals; negotiates for the best price possible.  We don't even fight about money; I just tell her what the budget is, she supports it,and she does the rest. 


I hope this will be helpful to the guys.


Brandon Beck"


7) Jason and Anastasiia Nicholas



First I want to say that love - a verb.


My wife Anastasiia is the best wife in the world for me.


She tells me and shows me much more that she loves me all the time. It is in the very small, everyday acts that my wife shows me that she loves me.


I feel her love; the way she looks at me, the way she smiles, the way she touches me; we love to spend time with each other. And when we're apart, we're always in contact through Skype or Viber.


Here are a few of the ways:


One of the little things Anastasiia does, is that she likes to clean and polish her shoes -- and then she cleans and polish MY shoes.  I don't ask her to, it is just something she volunteers.


My wife is a professionally trained masseuse; how awesome is that?!


That is a nice thing to have. She'll give me a massage, even when she is tired and ready to go to to sleep, 'cause she knows how it helps me.


I tell her we can do it another time, but she insists.  And she says that it won't take long at all (even though it really does).


Anastasiia loves it when I bring her Ukrainian red rose; she smells the flowers, looks at them, and tells how much she loves them.


Anastasiia, for my birthday this year, cooked me a steak and decorated our bedroom with candles and rose petals. We danced to romantic music on the petals and then, well the rest of that ...will remain private.  We had a very special time together; I'll never forget my birthday. 


I cannot tell you in enough words, how thankful and blessed I am to have her in my life.


We're open and honest with each other, we support each other, always work to understand each other, and I look forward to our relationship growing over time. 


My wife is truly my second half, my soulmate. I love her very much, and can't wait until the immigration process to be completed, so we can be together every day.


Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit of my incredible life with my incredible wife, Anastasiia.


Jason Nicholas" 


 8) Richard and Natalia:



"Women from Ukraine are very big on families; family comes first.


My future fiance is everything I would ever wanted in a woman. She is kind, sweet, beautiful, extremely smart, and always changing -- fun, understanding, and independent.


She is in every way, exactly like I told myself that I really wanted in my 'other half'.


Even from her forehead, her eyes, her smile, her attitude -- she's hit all of my attraction qualifiers; everything that I thought in my head that I'd wanted, she is it.


I don't know what I did in this world to have a privilege and honor to have such loving, kind woman in my life.  I would've never thought've falling in love would be so easy and flowing.  It's an amazing feeling to have found her.  She makes me so very happy.  There is nothing that she ever does wrong!  Every tie that I fight with her it seems like it never goes anywhere but positive.  Most of the time we fight or disagree it's because of me and my mindset and she is always so supportive and sweet and she never makes things worse.


I usually feel guilty for acting foolish, because of how wonderfully she handles the situation.  I can't wait 'til her visa will be approved and she'll be here full time with me.


I feel very secure with her. I know that she would never cheat on me.  I see it on her eyes, the way she looks at me, the way she feels about me, that she is so in love -- and her love is only growing every day and so is mine.


I am so happy that we found each other when we're so young, because now we have our whole lives ahead of us to show her my love and appreciation for everything she does.  Everything I've ever wanted in my other half is what she is. I'm going to be meeting her family again next month and hopefully by then she will have finally had her meeting with immigration and get her visa, about that time, so we could go home together.


Your friend, 




9) Wayne and Valentina:



"During the 2 days of the Meet and Greet Event, I probably received 15 phone numbers and had dates with 5 ladies lined up.


Valentina and I met right after the social, right away, and talked.


She mentioned that she only had few minutes, and she had to get back home to her family.  We ended up talking about an hour and a half!  We were in a small restaurant, and she really opened up and started talking about many different things.  However my 1st date with Valentina was special - I brought her a box of chocolate, along with a small gift, and she also brought a gift for me!  She works at a factory that makes cardboard boxes, and she's an interior designer by training.


She designed the logos on them and she'd brought several miniatures to show me the examples of her work to present me. It was kind of sweet: she explained what she does at the plant and how these were printed off just for me.  I determined that she was someone that I reall wanted to see again.


It turns out that she was very popular and had other dates booked up.  But my translator and I came up with an idea of surprising her at her lunch break in the middle of the day.  Valentina agreed, and I brought her flowers and picked her up at work -- it was fantastic, she was so touched and couldn't stopped smiling.


I invited her to go to the finale dinner on Friday night and she accepted, and came as soon as she got off from work.  Again, she brought several examples of other miniatures of the work she does; she is so very proud, told me of her work -- this meant a lot of her and she wanted to share with me - I felt touched.


We left the dinner and walked for a couple hours just hand-in-hand, talking.  She invited me to meet her family the next day, which is Saturday.  Since I had to leave on Sunday morning, I invited her to breakfast.  We met, just 2 of us.  We used my phone, with the Google Translate app.


We spent 2 hours just looking into each other's eyes and just talked into my phone.  It was quite intimate, as we would say words to this little phone and hold it to each other ears to listen to it and be read back.  I arrived to the US and we were talking to each other every day -- between Facebook, Skype and Viber, depending on how much time each of us had time available.


We've talked extensively about getting married, and I intend to propose to her during this next trip.  I feel very fortunate to have someone like her, warm and affectionate; she calls me "my sunshine".


Thanks for listening,




10) George and Alyona:



I went to visit her the last week of October in Nikolaev. I stayed at her house... (He's already been in Nikolaev during September tour, and came back to visit her)


...and in the morning she was asking what I would like to eat.


She was very concerned to know this, because she wanted to prepare for it for the following morning.  I liked it simple: sliced apples and coffee.


I asked her a nail file to smooze out one of my finger nails that was bothering me; she let to use me a foam sanding block for nails I've never seen one before, and I said, "Wow, I need to get one of these when I come home."


Well, when I did return home I found that she already bought and stashed one into my suitcase. Wow, I love this woman.


One night we were out, playing billiards, ping-pong, with her parents and her daughter And I brought along a bottle of water, which I normally do, because where I from (in Sacramento), it is hot.  Well, it's cool in Nikolaev, so I quit taking the bottle around with me. 


Well, after following two evenings she says, "I'm not going to be carrying along this water around anymore, if you're not going to need it; it makes my bag heavy."


I even didn't know that she was taking a bottle of water around; she'd already noticed that I liked it was carrying it all the time in her bag. She noticed that I stopped taking with me the water and wanted to have one in her bag in case I will need it. What a woman.


I bought some Georgian red wine that I liked at a restaurant to drink at home.  She didn't have any wine glasses, so she cleaned out some long-stemmed candle holders to improvise!  Smart Lady.


The night before I was to leave for home, she surprised me by dressing in a black cat outfit. Thank you, my dear - you made my night! (It was close to Halloween)  I proposed to her and after some conversation and discussing some things that I needed to know, she said "YES"!  I worked with Oksana Van Roy, the visa attorney, now let the fun begin!


We'll be taking a holiday in Barcelona in March; she wants her daughter to finish 4th grade this year. So if all is well, I will have her in America with me in June. 




11) Richard and Monica:



"I can't begin to tell you the love my soon-to-be wife feels about me, and the way she treats me like no other.


Even though we're far apart from each other, it doesn't stop her from letting me know how much she cares.  She loves me and she wants to make sure that I know that I am her life, and the love she has for me. 


Not a morning I wake up, there isn't a message from her on my phone, telling how much she loves me, wishing me a wonderful and blessed day and it doesn't stop there; it goes throughout my day --  when I get off work, she wants to make sure that I made it home safe before she goes to bed. Even though it's late when I get home.  Especially, when she gets up early for work, and has to get her daughter off to school.


As for now, my plans are to be there for the week of Thanksgiving and then return for Christmas through New Year's.  I've already purchased the tickets.  It will be my first Christmas and New Year's there.  Sometimes, when we're together -- whether we're in the store, or restaurant, or the mall...  When we're there, she always makes sure that whatever we're doing, we're being charged correctly and not spending a dime too much.


Just the night before, she made one of my favorite dishes, and the next thing I knew, when we went to her mom's house the next day, the family was all there and she surprised me with one of those favorite dinners.  At that point, I was just lost for words!


She is a very good listener, sometimes I feel that we can read each other's minds. We know what the other is about to say, and sometimes it shows in the chemistry that we have between the two of us.  It is crazy; but I got to say that communication that we have between each other is priceless.


No matter what goals I have or projects I want to do, she is always right there behind me, telling me, "Whatever you want, my love, I am there for you."


The love and support she has for me is like nothing else I've ever experienced in life. I never got back such kind of support from my ex-wife. The love and respect she gives me is breathtaking.


From all my personal experience in Colombia:  Colombian women are all about family. 


Friend, once they fall in love with you, you are just a part of their family, and they love you so dearly.


The love of my life really, really enjoys to surprise me with little things that shows her love for me.  The last thing she did:  She took a photo of us and wrote "I love you, Richard", in a big heart on it.


The loves she has for me -- To show it, speaks volumes about the person she is, and I love her dearly.


Mark, I hope after reading this some of the guys will get a feeling of what it really feels like to be with someone from another country. It's a whole new world out there than it is in the States.


Waiting for guys to make that move.


Talk with you soon, 




12) Greg and Natalia:



"Mark, hope you're well!


In response to your question for examples of our ladies have done for us:


You know I'll be travelling to Odessa in less than 2 weeks.


Yeah, Natalia is getting her son to meet me at the airport and makes sure that I will get to the hotel.


One way to think about this:  She thinks that I am incapable of finding my way to the hotel... 


Or...  She cares enough to make sure I'm comfortable and safe.


I choose to believe the latter. 


As you often talk about: It's the little things they do, that show about their caring about your well-being.


Hope to see you soon.


Sincerely, Greg"


13) Walt and Maria Stockdale:



"Mark, you asked me to write what may do that you can never imagine any other woman doing for you:


Well, I can say it in one word: encouragement.


Let me explain to you and the guys -- first off, we 100% trust each other.


The meaning of that could be a topic for another day, however she reassures me, when times may be difficult financially, or other things are stressful at work...   That she'll tell me that everything is going to be okay; we have each other, we have family.


She tells me that I will make the best decisions and she will support me, she will always stand by me and support me, whatever I do.


Maria encourages me in other ways too.  I like to paint, and take amateur photography.  I don't think that I am good at it, but she insists that I am.


This may seem trivial to some, but it goes back to trust:  When we talk about things she doesn't have a hidden agenda.  No arguments, no rolling of her eyes,  no endless ongoing discussions.  She listens to my points, I listen to her points, and we respect each other. If the topic doesn't go her way, she won't pitch a fit, or have a tantrum.  It's end of discussion, it's over, time to move on.


So when she shows me encouragement and reassurance it is really heartfelt.  And she means it.  It is very empowering as a man, to have a woman by your side that supports me, loves me, cares for me - Just Wow.


She makes me want to be a better man; a better human being.


I hope this helps, Mark. Share it with the guys.


Love ya,




14) Mike and Tatyana:



"To answer your question:


My girl would constantly put the toilet sit back UP when she was done using the toilet!


I was so impressed!


Another thing she does that really surprises me is her waiting for me before she eats:  I have over an hour drive back home from work, and every day she would just wait for me to get home so we can have dinner at the same time. What a woman.


15) Jose and Oksana:



"My wife and I just recently moved to Atwater, California. Most of you have probably never heard of this small town, it's actually next to Merced.


Well to make a long story short, We both have to commute 2 hours a day, each way, for 5 days, until we get adjusted.  When we come home really late at night, even though we're both really tired from work and the long drive, my wife Oksana still goes out of her way to cook a really nice Ukrainian style dish for me.


American woman would never do this at all. My wife makes me feel like a king and she goes out of her way. I really appreciate her forever.


Jose Guerrero"


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