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Mark and Anna Davis have been called “One of the most famous international couples in America”.


Mark owned a leasing company in Sacramento, CA and Anna worked in a dress factory in Ukraine. When they met in December of 2006 they knew they were destined for each other.


Mark’s book, “Mastering the Adventure of International Dating” has been a best-seller on the topic of international marriage since it was published in 2008.


Since then, the couple of been featured on:


  • Secret Lives of Women ( cable TV episode “Mail Order Brides”)
  • The TODAY Show (1/11/2011)
  • Dr. Phil (5/13/2011)
  • Discovery Channel / TLC UK – (10/21/2014)
  • And more than 50 radio interviews



Mark and/or Anna are available for phone interviews at anytime from their location in Las Vegas, and for appearances by arrangement.

Contact Mark Davis:


Cell: (702) 659-9000





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