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  My background has led me to this amazing place as being a leading authority on international relationships and marriage. 


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Our current ventures are touching the world with hope.  We have begun a movement to help sincere men and women start genuine relationships and lasting marriages.  In addition, we're helping to care for the orphans in Ukraine.  We're producing training programs that are changing lives.  But it all started with a string of events and experiences that I would not have imagined would come together as they have.

  • At age 25 I created a time management course and sold tickets to participants for $25 each.
  • At age 28 I won the Toastmasters' comedy completion for the state of California and learned the value of humor.
  • At 32 I began to lead and teach small men's study groups.  This grew into a counseling and coaching ministry.
  • At 39 I went through a personal depression and fought through it.  My spouse had passed away.
  • At 40 I wrote my first book on personal development and began traveling to numerous countries.
  • At 42 I met my wife Anna in Ukraine and we married a year later.
  • At 44 the economy crashed and we lost everything material, but learned what real love was about.
  • At 45 I wrote my book on International Dating and Anna and I appeared on The TODAY Show, Dr. Phil, and more.
  • At 46 I formed True North Pictures and worked on Paramount to look for film funding for inspirations movie projects.
  • At 47 we started the matchmaking company that today is Dream Connections.
  • In 2016 we will be the centerpiece of a TV series to air in Australia and the UK - I will publish my book on creating oneness -  and we will have expanded to include live seminar training.


Career Path

In 1983 began a 12-year career in commercial print sales for large printing companies that specialized in marketing materials for major companies in Silicon Valley. I worked as an architectural rep for building products that created themed environments such as Sega GameWorks and the New York, NY Hotel Casino. In 1998 I began a computer leasing company in California that focused on the Native American tribes.  It grew to $5.5 million before the economic crash of 2008. My next venture was to launch True North Pictures.  I was endorsed by leadership guru John Maxwell and met many wonderful people in the time I worked on the lot at Paramount Studios. In January of 2011 Anna and I formed European Dream Connections, which subsequently became in 2012.  This international matchmaking company has grown exponentially every year since. We created the 501(c)3 non-profit company, Abundance International, to provide support for the orphans in Ukraine.  


Media Appearances

The TODAY Show: CLICK HERE WeTV Cable Segment: CLICK HERE Discovery Channel: CLICK HERE Dr. Phil (although our interview was cut from the final edit): CLICK HERE Plus more than 50 radio talk show segments  


Awards, Certifications, and Accomplishments

2015 Matchmaker of the Year and Dating Coach of the Year Finalist: CLICK HERE Certified Christian Counselor Certified International Dating Coach:  CLICK HERE Author, "International Dating, a Man's Guide to Romance Overseas": CLICK HERE  


Current Social Sites

Facebook: LinkedIn: Brand Page: Dream Connections: YouTube Channel: Tumblr: Twitter: Blog Site:  



Stephanie Frank

"This man is abundance PLUS! I've spent time with Mark in both a business and social setting, and he is nothing less than brilliant!

This is a man who will inspire you to take action in new and different ways, who will listen intently and help you get past obstacles and into new territory fast.

He has an amazing quick mind and a witty personality. A wonderful person to work with."

Stephanie Frank President, Success IQ University

(Written September 6, 2009.  Stephanie was with another company when working with Mark Edward Davis at Abundance Int'l)