Special Offer on The March 2020 Quest Tour

Special Offer on The March Quest Tour

Hey Guys,
The March Quest Tour is coming up and I Need 5 More Men of Action to Join Me!
So, I'm willing to Sweeten The Pot a little IF You're willing to Commit To March.
But before I get to talking about what the Special Offer is, I want to tell you WHY You should join the March Quest Tour.

Think for a minute what these ladies have went through the last few months.



And all of her family asking her, "When are you going to find your man?" Then there was:


New Years...ALONE


Maybe she went out with her friends, all of whom are MARRIED. Toasting the arrival of 2020...SINGLE AGAIN. She sees all of her happily married friends getting kisses at midnight and all she has is her glass of champagne. And then in a few days she will experience:


Valentine's Day...ALONE

No one to send her flowers or chocolate on the Day of Love.

No man to hold her close and sweetly whisper, "I love you!" into her ear.

And then about 3 weeks later:


International Women's Day...ALONE

I'll tell you, International Women's Day (March 8th) is REALLY big in Ukraine, more so than Valentine's Day.
And being alone on this day definitely stings the heart.
So what I'm trying to tell you is:


The Ladies of The March Quest Tour Are MOTIVATED

They are ready to end being single and Find The Man of Their Dreams! And that Man is YOU! So if you're wavering on whether or not you should come in March, let me help you a little bit...

You Need to Come On The March Quest Tour!

So here's the Special Offer I have for you (in addition to a Lifetime of Happiness once you Find Your Ukrainian Wife):


  1. Total Man Club Access for $1 ($47Value) -- I have to tell you Michael, I'm REALLY excited about what we are doing in Total Man Club right now. We just released our Third Course on Discovering Your Masculine Purpose. Once you Join Total Man Club, you'll have access to all of the Personal Development Courses (of which we are adding new ones EVERY MONTH), but you'll also get access to Inner Circle, Tribe Talk, and our Private Facebook Group where you can talk with other Total Men on their journey towards Greatness. And I'll give all of this to you for $1 for the First Month!

  2. International Bride Bootcamp for FREE ($197 value) -- This is the course that I did with Justin Palma while I was making my physical transformation from Pudgy to RIPPED. Want to learn how I did it and have Daily Videos following both Justin and my journey? International Bride Bootcamp has it ALL and it will help Get you Completely Ready to Find the Wife of Your Dreams! And I'll give it to you for FREE!

  3. 1 Hour of Personalized Life Coaching FREE ($200) -- Most of you are aware that I'm now a Certified Therapist under Dr. Robert Glover (my mentor and author of No More Mr. Nice Guy). I'm one of only 6 Certified Therapists that are listed on his website. Typically, I charge $200 per hour for Life Coaching. BUT! If you Join the March Quest Tour, I'll give you a 1 Hour Call for FREE! We can talk about anything you want: Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Dating Advice...ANYTHING! This is coaching you can't get Anywhere Else and all you have to do is Join the March Quest Tour.

  4. Meet Your Romance Coach a Month Early ($Priceless) -- I saved the BEST one for last! Typically on a Quest Tour, you'll get to meet Your Romance Coach about a week or so before the Tour begins. What if you had a Whole Month to get to know her? How much more prepared will she be to Help You Find Your Future Wife? Well, if you Join the March Quest Tour, you'll get to Meet Your Romance Coach a Whole Month early!

Total Value Of This Special Offer: OVER $450!!!

And the BEST Part is that it will Change Your Life FOREVER!


Listen Michael, this isn't a deal that's going to come around every day. And we are only giving it to the NEXT 5 Men Of Action Who Join the March Quest Tour! It's time to get off the fence and Join Me in March in Nikolaev, Ukraine! Because Your Future Wife is tired of being single and ready to start a relationship with YOU! Here's what You Need to Do To Claim Your Special March Quest Tour Offer:

Call Chris at (888)899-8600 Extension 2 NOW


Don't Let this Massive Opportunity Pass You By!

Call Chris RIGHT NOW at (888)899-8600

and then...

Make 2020 the Year You End Bachelorhood!