Life Lessons From Super Bowl LII


The Big Game.


It's probably the biggest Sporting event of the year in the U.S.


But when you look at it from a larger view, in many ways, the gritty competition on the field can easily be a microcosm for the struggles we have in life.


In this article, I identify the 8 Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Super Bowl: 


1) The Power of Being the Underdog



When you're the underdog, most people will overlook you for the "Bigger" thing.  Heck, there's nothing like being discounted to "light a fire under your butt" and make you more hungry.  And when you triumph over adversity, it makes that victory just that much more sweet!


2) The Sheer Will to Win



Do you remember that song from "Rocky" -- The Eye of the Tiger?


At its heart, it's all about maintaining your passion and drive to win.  If you're on top for too long, some guys "lose their passion for glory".  It's important to keep your drive; even when you're on top. 


3) Yardage After the Initial Hit



How many times have you seen a running back get handed the ball and get hit right at the line of scrimmage (or maybe at a loss)?  But by some act of God, he takes those hits and just keeps going...   If you're old enough to remember him, think of Walter Payton -- just because you hit him, doesn't mean that you've stopped him.  Check out this great example of "Sweetness" in action.


4) Act Boldly



There's a reason why they say that "Fortune Favors the Bold".


Yes, it's scary...  But the upside is limitless.  Most people are too scared (or are unwilling) to be vulnerable when they choose to stand out from the crowd.  But, unless you are brave enough to do it, you will never win.


5) Execute with Precision



Unless you execute, everything is just talk.  It's the same in life, as it is in sports.  You have to put in the hard work and make it happen.  But, unless you have a plan to execute CORRECTLY and with purpose, you might otherwise end up spinning your wheels and going nowhere. 


6) Don't Be Predictable



It's good to have a plan, but sometimes you need to "mix it up" and SPECIFICALLY choose to abandon it to outwit your opponents.  Any deviation from your plan should be a conscious choice, not be an emotional impulse that can end up biting you in the behind later on.


7) Don't Defeat Yourself (5-Second Rule)



Most times we lose is because we got overwhelmed by fear and it pulled our attention off of the task at hand. 


Fear is an understandable thing; but it's important to FEEL the fear, let it wash over you, through you, and out of you.  Keep your eyes on your goal.


Or else... This happens.


8) Winning is a Team Thing 



How many times have you heard that quote, "There is no 'I' in Team"?


Well, it's true.


There are many moving parts that make any "win" happen.  Everyone is there contributing to the group's success in their own way.


Appreciate every person, no matter how big or small that made the group successful.


To get the Full Experience of this post, make sure you watch the video at the top of the page in its entirety to truly learn the "Life Lessons From Super Bowl LII. 

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