A Man’s Quest” Podcast interview with Joardan Harbinger Available On iTunes NOW

Jordan Harbenger is the co-creater of the Art-Of-Charm Bootcamp that helps build confidence for men – and a long-time friend of Mark’s




Jordan and I have been friends since our first interview on each other’s shows nearly 3 years ago now.  Since that time, both of our businesses have taken off and it was great to catch up with him again.  In this interview he also shares what he learned from Living in Ukraine for nearly 4 months.


I’m really proud of what he’s become over the years since our last interview.  He’s the real deal.  Our own John Henry Grzyb went through his bootcamp and can attest to the great program that is as well.


Give a listen and enjoy!

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The Interview can be found on iTunes under “A Man’s Quest” Podcast.

Listen To The Interview By Clicking On The Photo Below: Mark_and_Jordan