Interview with Irina the New DC Manager in the Nikolaev Office

Hey Guys,


It’s awesome to now have Someone in the Office on a more consistent basis to interview new Ladies who apply, arrange English lessons, coordinate gift deliveries, and many other details that take place on a daily basis in Nikolaev.  Irina also holds a PhD in Education and has been a professor at a local University teaching English, and training Translators.


She has been a wonderful translator for us over the past 3 years and will be a fantastic manager of the local office.  Don’t worry, Marina is still the overall manager for Ukraine and will continue to oversee tours, operations, and Individual Quest Tour clients.


Go Watch the Video Now and Get Acquainted


In this video, Irina joins Marina and me to discuss how Guys Can Win Amazing International Women and Avoid Shooting Themselves in their Foot.


On our Newest Interview, you’ll Learn:

  • Four Things that Guys Say that KILL Attraction During International Speed Dating Events, and the Simple “Adjustment” to change it to a Major Win!


  • How to “Not Ruin It” AFTER You Find Her…


  • What YOU Bring to the Table that She Just Can’t Get From Guys back Home!


  • The Five Things You Need to Choose a Good Partner…


  • Why Language is NOT a Barrier and is JUST an Excuse


…and So Much More!


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