Identical Russian Twins Travel to Ukraine to Find Husbands


When Russian girls hear from their mother that there is a company that helps good women meet good men for marriage, they made the trip to join the Dream Connections Quest Romance Tour and were blown away by the spark and charm in the men they met!  Now they are believers!


Here's what they said:



My name is Irina, I am 31 years old, I came from Russia.


I found out about [Dream Connections] on the Internet; on YouTube.  (And) I'm here to find a beloved husband, and to build up a family, to get a warm hearthstone, I really want to have such a warm, happy, relationship.  To feel men's kindness, and to be his inspiration, to bring up children, to travel together, to learn new things, to have such a warm family relationships, to discover each other, to improve ourselves, to discover the world, to help each other, I really want to have that.



My name is Julie, I am 31 years old too.  We are twins, from Russia.  


Our mom told us about agency she had seen the videos on YouTube, and found out that the agency operated in Nikolaev.


We were born in Nikolaev; our dad worked in the military, our family used to live in Belarus, then moved to Russia.  


We accidentally discovered that Dream Connections was in our native city, then decided to come. 


We work a lot; until the late evening, there's not so much time for dating.


This event is a great opportunity for us to meet a good man.


We took a chance -- [it was only 2 days travel], and finally we're here! 


I really want to say thank you so much for this meeting; for these guys who participated in the Meet and Greet Event.


All of them were very attentive.


Also, thank you so much for all good things happening here!  



[I could not predict what my first impression about the Meet and Greet Event would be.]


But, there was an image on my mind - I saw an American movie when ladies met guys:  Only one man sat at the table to speak just with one lady for a small period of time, then moved to another one.  


I thought it would be the same, but at this event/atmosphere was [very] different.  


We're more comfortable.  Also, thank you so much to the translators. [The] girls did a great job; their speech was very accessible and understandable.  They sincerely helped to feel men's personality. 


Thank you so much again!


What about [the] men?  They are really different!  Even when [the] man is older, he has a real fire in his eyes.  There was a pleasure for us to communicate; to listen to them...  Even to share some warmth. And they are so cute!  




My sister and I have noted some guys in their 30's are so sincere -- like children, in comparison to Russian men, who are very serious.


American guys, in their 30's are so sincere, like kind of like children, and [likewise], guys in their 50's are the same as our 30 years old guys. 



The most [impressive] thing is that men really want to find family; to build a relationship -- to gain a warm kindness.   [And] all these things that we are looking for.  



Real sensitivity is in their eyes -- which shows their willingness to build family and it makes us happy.  Thank you so much, again!



According to the rule of man and women in the family, of course partnership, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual love is all so important.  



All kinds of support; home, hearth, are important.  Finally, I feel myself, like I'm ready to get it.  There is a great desire to have home comfort; comfort [in] my soul and heart.


My [goal] is to get a special atmosphere with a beloved person.  When you don't need anything else, and my inner world; my inner heart...  Harmony and synchronized with my man.


And, I would like to say that I am happy.  This inner feeling is amazing.


[...] Now I know that it's possible.


Soon, I want to feel this; to make [my] beloved person happy; to be happy together.  To bring up kids in our love.  It is [such a] nice feeling.  Now, this is our priority in life.


If we like men in different states, this fact doesn't scare us.  My sister and I studied in different cities, because our family was in the military.  There are lots of different opportunities [now] to communicate: Skype, Viber...  It's not scary. 


Even though I talked to my mother on Skype; and it was really cosy.  Of course, I miss mom, but it helped me to think we were still close to each other.  And, it's easier for us.


All the time, my sister and me are together.  And, only God knows the future.  We can't predict; we don't know what [will] happen tomorrow.




It's important to believe in happiness.



We came here with a belief to be happy.  Family plays a main role for me.  Always, it was important and stands in the first place.



During one period of my life, I saw that first a career should be built.  For my self, my personality, to be right next to my man.  For feeling myself as a real human.  Only recently, I realized that family is everything for me.  When [your] family is all right, then all of the fears of your life (like work, and so on), are right too.  It's really important.


Woman should be house comfort, warm; should create an atmosphere of kindness.  [The] light for men's inspiration.  Then, men can give back the same feeling.


Then goes (of course) partnership, mutual love, true feelings.  I really believe in that.



I absolutely agree with my sister... The family is the priority now.  All the time before, I wasn't ready.  Because [of my] career, and business were in the first [priority].  


[My] sister and I have our own musical studio for children.  Kids of all different age groups all our [...] and love are focused on those kids and their creative development on the discovery of their potential.  And, I want to have my own kids to focus on them; to focus on building our own family.  On my man, for sharing all my love, [...]; to invest in my family all my love, and all my inner feelings and everything will be good! It's really important.  


Thank You! 




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