How To Tell If She Is Legit

Sadly, we get calls and e-mails in the office like this almost *every day*:

"I've been writing to (x) girl from (y) website online... I've spent over $2,000 on letters so far. I think she's legit, but something in the back of my mind tells me something's off. Can you do a background check on her?"

The short answer is... No, we can't do a background check on a "girl" from another company. And yes, you're probably getting ripped off.

Unscrupulous companies make Hundreds of Millions of Dollars every year from well-intentioned, yet gullible men who THINK they're e-mailing "Anastasia", but are more likely receiving pre-written form letters from "Anatoly".

And THAT'S why Anna and I created Dream Connections.

We knew that real, loving relationships can be had with overseas women; but it HAS to be done IN PERSON. That's why one of our core beliefs is "Romance is a Face-to-Face Experience".

We REFUSE to do online letter writing; we know EVERY woman on our database, and the only way to communicate with our ladies is to talk to them IN PERSON.

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Plain and simply, we want to help you win.  If you think you're ready to find your other half overseas, fill out a Profile Form Today and let's have a frank, honest conversation about whether a Quest Tour is right for you:

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