How to Find Your Perfect Wife


I get it, you want to get married.


Most guys who end up finding us have either moved past the "sowing oats" portion of his life -- or maybe it wasn't in his nature in the first place.


I'm sure you've seen photos of beautiful women online from faraway countries, and their beauty has either 1) Piqued your interest, or 2) The thought of having a "mail order bride" has disgusted you. (rightfully so!).


But as a man who has married a beautiful, exotic woman from Ukraine, and have been a relationship counselor for many years, there are some Vitally Important Questions that you need to ask yourself about what it is you want --- and why.



Are You Looking for a "Hottie"?


Yes, they're incredibly fit.  They are visually attractive, are fashion-conscious, and exude seductive femininity.




If all that the woman has is her looks, there is a high probability that with her beauty, comes baggage.


It could be a bitchy attitude, a higher possibility of being "High Maintenance", or a propensity of disrespect for their spouses -- clearly only being "hot" will QUICKLY outweigh these bad traits.


...and that's no way to live.



Maybe You're Looking for a Wife:


Having a wife means you have companionship in life; you have a committed sex partner, and the two of you can create a family.




What if she let's herself go?  What if she gains weight, or the sex declines?  Even worse, you become the last on her list of priorities, and you both take each other for granted.


Eventually, you end up being virtual "roommates" that are together out of convenience and just fill functional/logistical voids in each other's lives.


Again, that's no way to live.



Maybe You're Looking for Passion:


Passionate relationships burn hot -- They're filled with Lustful Energy and Peak Emotional Connections, but these emotions are temporary.  Physical attraction will shift over time, and creating mutual states of passion takes conscious effort and energy.


It's really fun, but hard to maintain.



Maybe You're looking for Happiness:


Sometimes men will tell me, "I just want to be happy."


A laudable goal, but again -- what does that mean?


I define happiness as an emotional state of a combination of Peace and Joy.  But, happiness is based on circumstances; a reaction to external forces.  However, what gives us our happiness is the meaning WE give to those external forces.


For example, if a machete wielding guy in a hockey mask were to break in your front door and come after you, you would feel fear; and that would be a Bad Thing.




If you were at the movies, and you saw Jason with the same hockey mask and machete break down a front door and hunt the victims on the screen:  You would feel fear, and it would be a Good Thing.


In both circumstances your body feels fear; but it's the value judgement WE give that assigns whether or not it is good.  


In this, YOU can choose to live in happiness.


Knowing this, (in the context of being in a relationship)...  How could you expect someone else to be your source of happiness?



Maybe You're Looking to be Loved:


  • Being loved means someone else has our concern in their thoughts

  • Being loved means that person takes action to care for our needs

  • Being loved means someone else knows what makes us feel happy and works to keep us there if they can




Is Being Loved Really Enough when it comes to a Life Partner?  It's loving, but Platonic.


Which leads me to...



Looking to Deeply Love:


Engaging in Deep Love means that you're "in tune" with someone else on a deeper level.  You create moments of peak emotional state and engage in connected thought.  You serve someone in a way that makes them swoon, and you feel each other's chemical attraction.


In order for this to work, however, it MUST be two-sided; if either partner doesn't commit to this, it won't work.



The Goal:


Simply put, ALL of these aspects I've shown above you'll want in one person.  When your lady brings all of these positive aspects to the table, none of the "downsides" can exist.


Your ultimate goal is a beautiful wife who loves deeply and routinely creates peak experiences of mutual passion and happiness.



Where are You Trying to Find Her Now?


More than likely, what you're currently doing isn't working.


Women like I describe DO actually exist, but not where you're normally looking.


One of the most useful ways to achieve a goal is by finding someone who has already attained your desired goal and "Model" what it is that they did, until you achieve it yourself.


My company, Dream Connections:


  • Has hosted and monitored 2,200 dates

  • We have a strong track record of success in helping couples begin new relationships

  • We discovered where women are who share our values

  • We introduce men to sincere women who were looking for the same in a husband

  • We run Meet and Greet Events in Colombia, Ukraine and Thailand to meet them in person, instead of online

  • We became educated on what they are looking for and how to win their hearts


In Conclusion:


If you want a beautiful, devoted wife who loves deeply and routinely creates experiences of mutual passion and happiness...


  • Become clear about what you want

  • Find someone who has it

  • Find someone you trust who can introduce you

  • Be determined to meet face to face first (drop the online dating)

  • Become educated as to how to win her heart

  • Be that man of action who pursues her


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