Dream Connections and the Star Wars Rebel Alliance?

In tribute to the new Star Wars moving hitting the theaters right now, and it being the end of 2017, it makes you do two things simultaneously:  Look to the Past, Present, and Future.





I was fortunate enough to have been one of those who saw the original movie in a theater in 1977 with my dad.


And our reactions . . .




We went on to see it at least once a month for the next year in that Century Theater in San Jose, CA.


In short, it was a story about the "Young Hero" plucked from obscurity and was thrust into something bigger than he could ever imagine...  and became a better man as a result.


Looking back on that movie, and all of the subsequent sequels, an over-arching set of inherent truths end up emerging, and those truths resonate within each one of us.


When a group of people who are linked together by the same creed, are given positive direction, they can achieve anything.


And it's for this reason that we built Dream Connections, and we hope that you will join our Rebel Alliance.  Let me explain . . .





What is Our Battle?


When we Started Dream Connections, we knew Two main things:


  • You can find happiness with an international spouse

  • The "Dark Side" is out there... And they don't want to help you find love; they want to separate you from your hard-earned money.


Being one of the good guys, we feel a moral violation has been committed (and continues to do so) by evil villains.



  • They commit Blatant Scams

  • They have No Follow-Up to help people create real, loving relationships.

  • They DO Everything they Can to Swindle You 

  • They Offer Little Hope of Delivering Sincere Relationships


And as a result, two Horrible things happened:


  • The Reputation of Foreign Women Suffered!

  • The Reputation of Western Men Suffered!


And the best way to combat these "Bad Guys" is through exposing the darkness to the light.


In response, we:


  • Created a better strategy to create couples

  • Exposed the ways scam agencies work

  • Respond to media that portrays international relationships in a bad light

  • Built Up a Tribe of Men! 





The "Bad Guys" can only win if "Good Guys" do nothing!  Fortunately, the light side of our force is comprised of Men of Action!  We defend what is right, expose the darkness, and spread the Good News that Happy, Fulfilling, Loving Relationships are available to Good Men.


You are there with us now on the champions podium as we celebrate our victories in this Alliance for right!



Check out the Star Wars Themed Webinar in its Entirety:



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