Are the Conflicts in the East Affecting Quest Tours?

Hey, Men:

I wanted to share this email with you. I received a question about how the conflict in the eastern border of Ukraine is affecting Quest Tours. It doesn’t come up that often, but I thought I’d just offer you some of my thoughts as I responded to an email this morning:


Hello, Mark, I am interested to take this year the Quest Tour. But I
have a doubt about the military conflict in that región of world.
How has it affected men looking to buy a Quest Tour?


Hello, Alex:


Thanks for writing. I appreciate the question.  Most all of the country is living in peace, regardless of the conflict in the east (see the chart below).


Where we go in Odessa and Nikolaev you would not even know there was a conflict in the same country.


We have family that lives there – we host tours every other month – we have men coming and going all the time to visit with their ladies – and we’ve helped 30 men and women find each other this last year and start their respective visa processes.


We did not have even one man cancel his trip because he was afraid of the conflicts in the east.


The mainstream news has to make everything dramatic. I’m not saying that we don’t feel for the people of Ukraine and acknowledge the impact it has made.  But you should just talk to the people who live there and the men from Quest Tours who have been coming and going all of last year.  Ask them their experience.


Other men are finding their wives – those who just follow their hearts.


You should see what is included in a Quest Tour and follow your heart.  See the dates, pricing, and all three videos on this page:


Our very best to you,


Mark Davis
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