Tips for Dealing with Concerned Family and Friends and the Occasional Critic

I wish everyone lined up to encourage you on in your journey, but that’s not the way it is with anyone who steps outside of the herd.


– You shouldn’t have to defend your decision to look for a life partner overseas, but you will hear ignorant minds open their mouths and regurgitate the dumbest things in an effort to sound superior. You’ll hear ignorant comments about mail order brides, Russian women scams, and green card hunters – and most of these loud-mouths have no personal experience to support anything they’re talking about!


You need to be armed with the knowledge you need to know so you can answer these concerns for yourself. What are they saying? What does it really mean? How do you defend yourself and your interest in international dating.


Hang on and watch this webinar replay recorded several months ago – you’re about to find out the truth from facts and actual eye witnesses.



Meet the co-hosts for this Webinar: Justin Palma and Law Jackson.  Three weeks after this recording Justin met his fiancé, Oksana, on our October 2011 Quest Tour.  We loved having him as a co-host, but completely understand his current pre-occupation!  Congratulations, bro!  Law Jackson has been married to his wife, Anya, for over two years and they have a darling baby girl together.

Justin Palma & Fiance Oksana

Law and Alyona Jackson