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We’ve come a long way since Anna and I first met in 2006.  We realize that many people don’t know the whole story of how we got to where Dream Connections is today from the origins of our personal journeys.


On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, Anna and I sat down to tell the story in part 1 of 2 videos we would record.  Those are the first videos you’ll find below.


Following that are some of our classics from the early days when we began as “European Dream Connections”.  I just thought the name was too long and wouldn’t work if we ended up going to Asia or Latin America.  So in the Fall of 2012 we moved the website to and the company name to simply “Dream Connections”.  Many of the videos below will date back to our origins as European Dream Connections, but it’s the same business headed by the two of us.

We just want to give you hope that you can find your match overseas and know the happiness that we know.  Enjoy!

Mark & Anna Davis



Clicking the images below will take you to the full-screen video replays from these two live events.

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Mark’s First Venture Online was a Site Called “International Dating For Men” Which He and Law Jackson Built in 2009 to Host a Podcast and Sell an Educational Workbook Called, “From Here to Her”




First Promotion Video Posted on “ in February 2011


Testimonial of the Men on our Very First Quest Tour in June 2011

When We Only Had Three Clients and 25 Ladies


Commercial Published in July 2011