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Colombian Speed Dating Event - June 2015

Colombian Tour October 2015

June 2015 Colombian Quest Tour: Meet Your Translator Dinner

Dinner with translators -colombia october 2015

Why Smart Men are Looking to Medellin Colombia to Find a Wife

Listen to Mark & Anna together describe their trip to Colombia and everything they saw there in this video:

Ten Minute Cultural Snapshot of Medellin – “City for Life”

Patrick & Natalia’s Quest Romance Story

Colombian Bride and American Groom - Richard and Monica

A Girl’s Life in Medellin, Colombia – An Interview with Carolina

Listen to my interview with Joseph, someone who knows . . .

New Colombian Women’s Profiles Added

Places to Take Your Date in Medellin Colombia

Where to Take Ladies on Dates in Medellin Colombia

Awesome Malls in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia – a Magical Place to Experience a Romance Tour

Hotel Le Parc – Base for Our Medellin Colombia Quest Romance Tour

The Hotel is So Close to Fun

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