Celebrating Chris and Julia’s New Life Together!

Chris and Julia Dwulet


Most of you know Chris Dwulet as the host of TribeTalk or as the Dream Connections' customer service manager.  But today we celebrate a personal milestone for him and his wife, Julia!


Chris is here in Ukraine and 2 days away bringing Julia home with him as they start their new life together in his home in Indiana!  They've completed the visa process and her interview at the US Embassy in Kiev, and she is ready to come home with him!


We love this couple for many reasons.  We know their heart and passion to serve you and help create new couples.  It's truly a life-calling for them.  You can see their excitement and the love in their eyes.  We're all very happy for them.


Feel free to post a comment of encouragement and congratulations below!


Chris, you are a great example and success story and everyone who has spoken with you feels how much you care for them.  We're glad to be part of your lives as well.