Ukrainian Women in Nikolaev Meet Men from All Over the World!

See the wonderful ladies of Ukraine meeting men from all of the world for the first time on a Quest Romance Tour with Dream Connections in May 2017. This is a remarkable video. Enjoy the smiles and feel the energy and you'll quickly see how it's possible to meet sincere and warm hearted women from overseas.


Throwback Thursday: Bringing Your Ukrainian Wife Home and Finishing Strong

The one thing most people don't want to talk about is the dedication you'll need to have in order to accomplish this dream for your life. It will take months and cost several thousand dollars.  How do you keep your moral up and your eye on the prize? Let's talk about it and I think you'll come away with the focused determination you need to cross the finish line.


Romance Tour Trip Report: Live From Nikolaev Ukraine - May 2017

One of the greatest proofs that it is possible to meet sincere women in Ukraine's City of Brides is to see it in photos and stories from the men who witnessed it themselves. In this video, you'll see over 150 photos from the live dating event that had taken place just a few days earlier and from the men who were there to tell the story!


Meet Your Translator Dinner - March 2017

Ukrainian Translator Dinner is the first event that a guy does on his Quest Tour. He and his translator take this meeting to get a feel for one another and plan for the upcoming week of dates. Your translator/personal assistance is your number 1 reason you will succeed. What better way to understand a woman with another woman who is on every date you are on. You can talk about how each encounter was, and if what your seeing from the lady is what really is happening. She is your confidant, protector, BS decoder, and so much more...


Week Update: 1 - 7 May, 2017

3 New Videos - Real Ukrainain Romance Tour Love Story - Listen To What They Said, What does International Dating do for you - Even When You Don't Find the Girl?,  George & Yana Baptista Wedding



Throwback Thursday: 7 Challenges for Single Men

I was profoundly affected by the power of this presentation.  In one afternoon it all came to me.  The drive and passion of six years of doing this.  What I really wanted to say about the nobility and power of what your personal journey can mean -- for you, your future wife, and the world around you.  It all come together in one afternoon as I prepared for this presentation and I really want you to catch this.


Week Update: 24 - 30 April,2017

3 Videos -

The Untold Truth About Age Differences,

Ask Mark: "Why Can't I Talk to the Women Prior To A Quest Tour",

Ukraine Weather Report for the May 2017 Quest Tour


The Untold Truth About Age Differences

Do Ukrainian or Russian women really care about age differences? Do couples who have 5, 10, or even 25 year age gaps really make it? Hear the truth about what Loyal Russian and Ukrainian ladies feel about marrying a man who is older....

Week Update: 17-23 April,2017

3 Videos -

Regular Guy Wins Big on Romance Tour - Quest Story with Brian Slife,

Ask Mark: "What Might Your Ukrainian Bride Do For Your Birthday?",

Clues That The Site You Are On Is Scamming You!!! Internet Dating Scams


Throwback Thursday: Travel Tips for Your Quest

We just completed a great call with tons of great tips for planning for your tour.  We covered:
  - Training Videos
  - Connect with the Guys
  - Flight Planning
  - European Power Adapter
  - Clothes to Pack
  - Phone and Skype Setup
  - Cash to Bring
  - Gifts or No Gifts
 - Things to know before you Travel to Ukraine


Regular Guy Wins Big on Romance Tour - Quest Story with Brian Slife

How many times do you see the guys who should win, actually win? We see it all the time, here at Dream Connections. Brian is a regular guy who followed his heart and won big! Listen to his story and he joined the Quest Romance Tour to Ukraine and met his lady - but we'll let him tell the story. It will inspire you that regular guys, like us, can win when we go where were are valued most. Enjoy


Week Update: 10-16 April,2017

4 Videos -

The Secret to Your Success Dating Overseas - Your Wing-Woman Translator,

The Biggest Secrets to Men's Success in Finding Their International Wife Revealed!,

Ask Mark: "FRAUD ALERT",

Russian & Ukrainian Women Travel at Their Own Expense to Meet Western Men at Romance Tour



How do you respond when you see something on the Internet that looks fishy? As Dream Connections grows, and its influence is upsetting the establishment, fake reviews and other blogs are beginning to hit the web. In this video, Mark just asks you to question when you see these and ask him about them. To know the truth about anything, go to the source. That's the message or this AskMark video - watch it now!


Throwback Thursday: International Dating SCAMS: Inside the Mail Order Bride Industry - a Watchdog Presentation

We are optimists and believe in international marriage, but we know how many good and sincere men try to find what we have and end up running into scams and deceptive practices.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand what you really want and how this industry works.

This video could save you thousands of dollars and a LOT of heartache!


The Biggest Secrets to Men’s Success in Finding Their International Wife Revealed!

It would be hard to fully express just how important of this video to your success in looking for a Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian wife overseas!

More and more often men decide to look for their second half overseas. We discussed many times why it happens nowadays, and found a lot of reasons for that.

Personally I deeply believe, that international couples are more happy, and, as a rule, they are more successful in their relationships. Of course, everyone dreams about family happiness and about creating that happiness with a right person, but how to do that, there are more questions, than answers for a man, who took his decision to leave his average every day life and to travel to a foreign country with such a serious intention.

Let us discuss some of them:


Quest Playbook