Quest Tour

    Thailand Quest Tour Trip Report - January 2018

    Imagine that you've NEVER left your country. Sure, you've traveled around within your country, but you've never taken the "big leap" and gone abroad. It's scary, I know....

    November 2017 Quest Tour Trip Report

    The Last Quest Tour of 2017 is wrapping up TODAY.  


    We had a record amount of men, AND we had a record amount of ladies looking for their True Love.


    When it comes to beautiful ladies, Ukraine has it all -- Brunettes, Sandy Blondes, Redheads, Blondes.


    Thailand Awaits!

    There are many misconsceptions about Bangkok and its ladies.  Come and find out what Mark and Anna discovered and why we are having Quest Tours starting in Bangkok in 2018.


    Colombia Awaits!

    Guys, In all of the excitement about re-launching our Colombian Group Tour Program, I wanted to find a way for you to catch a glimpse of what awaits you in Medellin.  Watch each of these short videos and see yourself there.


    Ukrainian Women in Nikolaev Meet Men from All Over the World!

    See the wonderful ladies of Ukraine meeting men from all of the world for the first time on a Quest Romance Tour with Dream Connections in May 2017. This is a remarkable video. Enjoy the smiles and feel the energy and you'll quickly see how it's possible to meet sincere and warm hearted women from overseas.