Who are the REAL Women in the Profiles?

    If you’ve been on international dating website you’ve probably spent hours mesmerized by the gorgeous photos and profiles of the Ukrainian women, you’ve probably been curious to know who they really are, what they’re experience is like, and if you’re really connecting with the girl in the pictures.


    REPLAY: Marina on Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day Gifts for Your Ukrainian Lady

    Marina hits another home run with this presentation on the appropriate gifts to give at each stage of your romantic relationship with your Ukrainian acquaintance, girlfriend, finance, or wife.  She also talks about some of the various superstitions that Ukrainian women have with certain gifts.  You’ll be glad you caught this episode!


    REPLAY: Why Smart Men are Going to Medellin Colombia to Find a Wife

    Last week I gave a powerful presentation entitled, “Why Smart Men are Looking to Ukraine to Find a Wife“.  Please watch that one as well.  That presentation makes a different set of points that all help make sense of the dating scene here in the West.  You’ll experience many “ah ha!” moments as I lay out the contrast between these two dating worlds and you’ll know that you’re not the only one feeling frustrated at home.


    REPLAY: Why Smart Men are Going to Ukraine to Find a Wife

    This may be the most powerful video for men that exists anywhere on the Internet!

    In simple and direct language, it unlocks the mysteries behind the frustrations and disillusionment for men in a way that is painfully honest and completely liberating at the same time.


    Do You Have a Friend Considering This?

    Do you have a friend or family member who is thinking about going overseas in search of a life-partner? You must be wondering how any rational person could be seriously considering such a quest. This is the presentation you want to watch.