How do you respond when you see something on the Internet that looks fishy? As Dream Connections grows, and its influence is upsetting the establishment, fake reviews and other blogs are beginning to hit the web. In this video, Mark just asks you to question when you see these and ask him about them. To know the truth about anything, go to the source. That's the message or this AskMark video - watch it now!


    Ask Mark: "When To Get Into A Relationship After A Divorce"

    How to Tell When You're Ready for a new Relationship - Post-Divorce.
    Most guys who find me who've been divorced never wanted to BE divorced.

    Most guys who follow my teachings are simply good guys who Want to be married, Want to be faithful, and Want to be a good father... But for whatever reason, they now find themselves divorced and single again.

    Well, whatever the reason that the divorce happened, it's common to have bitterness and baggage; but those are the two biggest things that will keep you from ending up with the beautiful woman who is destined to be your 'other half'.

    Today's Ask Mark will discuss how to make sure your mind is clear of that self-defeating bitterness and baggage and will prepare you for your next big adventure!


    Ask Mark: "What Is Too Much Or Too Little When Giving Gifts?"

    Ukrainian ladies do love the gifts from their guy. However, what is over the top, what makes you look cheap, what is appropriate during the courtship process and more...


    Ask Mark: "Will I Be Able To Find A Lady Younger Than Me?"

    Sometimes I don't see the Forest for the Trees.

    Let me explain:

    I received an "Ask Mark" question recently where a guy asked about the Real Possibility of him marrying a younger woman when he finds his Other Half overseas.


    Ask Mark: How To Live Overseas - Lesson One

    What if I want to MOVE there???

    You'd be surprised how often I hear this from guys once they've experienced the "Good Life" overseas.

    So... I'm going to give you the 'inside scoop' to what you need to know to live a happy life overseas with your lady.