The Biggest Secrets to Men’s Success in Finding Their International Wife Revealed!

It would be hard to fully express just how important of this video to your success in looking for a Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian wife overseas!

More and more often men decide to look for their second half overseas. We discussed many times why it happens nowadays, and found a lot of reasons for that.

Personally I deeply believe, that international couples are more happy, and, as a rule, they are more successful in their relationships. Of course, everyone dreams about family happiness and about creating that happiness with a right person, but how to do that, there are more questions, than answers for a man, who took his decision to leave his average every day life and to travel to a foreign country with such a serious intention.

Let us discuss some of them:

1. How to represent yourself on meet and greet event in the best possible way?

2. How to communicate with women ( what questions to ask, and what topics it would be better to avoid?)

3. Where to invite woman for a date ( should it be an active date, or it would be better to arrange something romantic?) Plus you know nothing, it is not your city.

4. What to wear to look in an appropriate way?

5. How to manage your time, especially, when you have several dates during the day?

6. How to make sure, that differences in mentality and culture will not influence your relationships with your woman in a bad way?

7. How and when it would be better to plan your second trip to see her?

8. How to continue your communication between the times you see each other, and how to develop that communication and to bring it to a higher level?

It is difficult to be concentrated on all those things, especially, when you are dealing with emotions, and it is a question of your future happiness.

In this video we will introduce to you those people, who will answer those questions, and who will help you to succeed in your life changing trip – our interpreters. Practically, all of them have been working with us for years, they are very professional, skillful and well-trained.

Who can better understand the nature of a woman, than another woman, who will gladly share with you her knowledge and experience?

We have a meeting today, those meetings are traditional already before the tours. Interpreters study profiles of their future clients, we discuss important questions, which will help you, guys, to work like a team with your interpreter during the tour, we all the time prove methods and ways of our work, we discuss new ideas.

Our interpreters can help you in all possible ways, the only one thing, you shoud help her with is to be in communication, is to share your thoughts, feelings, wishes. Believe me, there is no person in the world, who does not need a help and a wise advice, especially, if we speak about relationships.

Even happy couples sometimes need a third person`s opinion about this or another situation. So, use this help and remember, your interpreter is not just a person who correctly translates your words, this person is like a bridge for you between cultures, she will help you and your woman to understand each other in appropriate way, she will make your stay here just pleasant and comfortable, she will help you to plan your dates and even to make life changing decisions. She is your friend, who sincerely wants to help you to succeed.


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