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The 7 Pillars Of Greatness


In November 2016 Mark completed the Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" event in San Jose, California. There he was inspired to share some new major "Golden Nuggets" that you've GOT to hear! Ukrainian Women constantly say that biggest difference between men from the West and Ukrainian men is Western men's passion for life and their drive for success. This teaching guides you on how you create passion and drive, to become the MAN of her DREAMS!!



Language Barriers - How to Have Meaningful Conversations


One of the biggest objection I hear is that is can't be possible to build a relationship with someone who doesn't even speak the same language.
That always comes from someone who hasn't tried or who hasn't learned how to work with translators. As you'll learn in this presentation, it may be possible to have even deeper communication with someone from another country if done right - just wait and see.


 Are men being assaulted by Western Societies?


I was profoundly affected by the power of this presentation. In one afternoon it all came to me. The drive and passion of six years of doing this. What I really wanted to say about the nobility and power of what your personal journey can mean -- for you, your future wife, and the world around you. It all come together in one afternoon as I prepared for this presentation and I really want you to catch this.

You see, it's not your fault. You have been immersed in a culture that is anti-men, anti-leadership, and repressive for men in many aspects in every modern Western culture. It takes a real man to identify it and be willing to break the mold of these cultures in the Western world to truly pursue his own life calling.

In this presentation you'll learn:
- 7 Challenges for Single Men in the West
- 7 Problems with the Culture in the West
- 7 Beliefs That Guide Dream Connections
- 7 Ways International Marriages Can Change the World

Yes, it was that broad of a presentation -- and life-changing.

I've never been this bold about anything before, but I'm going to ask that you watch this and then share it with your networks. Right below the video you'll see the "Share" links -- and it will share a direct link to this page.
I want every sincere, genuine, good hearted guy to know that he's not alone -- that he has tremendous value -- and that we can make a change in our cultures for the best.
I'm so grateful to have you as part of the Tribe of like-minded men who have become open the see the world from a truly enlightened perspective. Now share the good news.


 How is a Quest Romance Tour Different? - A Revolutionary New Model


We are often asked, "What makes you different compared to other international dating companies and their romance tour formats?" This is that answer.

Here are the 10 uniquenesses that you'll uncover in this video:
1. We begin with the end in mind
2. Help you become comfortable in a foreign country
3. Screen both the men and women for marriage-minded intent
4. Assign you a dedicated personal assistant / translator
5. Created a Group Speed Dating even system that works
6. Provide live coaching when it counts most
7. Advanced preparation and training
8. Foster a brotherhood of men
9. Stay in one city
10. Behind the scenes monitoring of all dates


MEGA FAQ Presentation on International Dating


Thinking about dating women in Asia, Latin America, or Ukraine? This is the MEGA answer video to more than 20 of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Below is what was discussed.

1:36 FAQ Divided into 3 Categories
1:50 Phase 1 - Before you Go
2:24 Phase 2 - Dating Overseas
3:12 Phase 3 - You've Found Her
3:44 Beginning of Phase 1 Questions
3:52 Question 1 - How Do I Choose a Country to Start With?
7:10 Question 2 - Should I Go With a Group or Individual Program?
12:50 Question 3 - Are the Ladies on the DC Website All You Have?
15:36 Question 4 - How Current is the Information on the Profiles?
22:21 Question 5 - So What's the Purpose of a Profile?
26:30 Question 6 - Do I Have to Go on a Tour to Date Ladies on Your Site?
30:43 Question 7 - Why Can't We Write to the Ladies on Your Site?
38:32 Question 8 - Why Don't You Include Airfare Like the Other Guys Do?
42:47 Question 9 - Will you be offering tours in...?
46:14 Phase 2 Questions
46:58 Question 1 - How Are Your Translators Different From Ones I Might Hire Myself?
48:37 Question 2 - Training of the DC Translators
50:29 Question 3 - Is Age Really Just a Number?
58:30 Question 4 - Is There Enough Time To Develop Sparks That Lead To True Love at the Events?
1:01:06 Question 5 - Is It Appropriate to Date More Than One Lady at a Time?
1:04:50 Question 6 - Should I be Focusing on Ladies Who Already Speak English?
1:09:41 Question 7 - What If I Haven't Found Anyone By the End of the Tour?
1:12:46 Phase 3 Questions
1:13:29 Question 1 - How Do you keep romance strong over long time and distances?
1:16:58 Question 2 - Who helps me and my lady once I've returned home?
1:19:30 Question 3 - How does the visa process work?
1:21:29 Question 4 - How do the ladies deal with culture shock and loneliness?
1:25:33 Question 5 - How do I join the Tribe?



Dating Ukrainian Women - The 7 Most Common Mistakes Men Make


On this week’s Webinar I brought together some of the best advice I have given on dating ladies in Ukraine. These 7 most common mistakes also have a flip side success strategy behind each one. Getting past these will increase your chances for success greatly!

International dating with women in Nikolaev Ukraine is something to prepare yourself for. Mistakes cause unnecessary loss of opportunity. There have been many relationships that should have happened that were cut short because men went over without any real education from men who have succeeded.

We hope this brings you one step closer to your dream.


Law Jackson on the Dating Scene and Marrying His Ukrainian Woman

This will be a profound discussion for men who are in the dating scene right now.


Online Dating is Killing Your Love Life


The data is in – and it will shock you - yet confirm what you’ve known in your gut to be true: online dating is killing your love life or desire for marriage! A recent study from Michigan State University details a 4-year study that clearly shows what’s really happening because of online dating. This is a wake up call like none other!

The information is so good that I don’t really want to give away too much in advance. Watch this presentation and become better armed to win with the most recent facts on the online dating world and analysis of what’s working - but mostly, where it's leading all of us as a culture and how we now see people and relationships. Please share this after viewing.


Do they just want Western men and their money?


I was recently asked if all Ukrainian women were only interested in Western men because that's where the money is. The answer takes longer than I could give justice in a post reply under the video - so I sat down at the cafe here in Colombia and told the story.


Ask a Ukrainian Bride - Will She Become Westernized?


The number one fear of most men is that they will find this amazingly beautiful woman who comes from a genuine culture and then she'll become corrupted by the Western Society! We understand the concern, but you're missing one key ingredient: the sincere Ukrainian woman will hold fast to her culture.

Listen to Anna answer this question and sense her character as she does.


Ukrainian Women Talk About Life And Love At The July Quest Romance Tour


Ever wonder what the ladies at a Speed Dating Event are thinking of the process? Why they are their themselves? Or, what they think of each of the guys they meet? Listen to these answers and more them the ladies themselves during the July 2015 Ukraine Quest Tour.



5 Milestones to Accomplish on Your International Dating Journey


With International Dating, whether it's in Ukraine, Colombia, Thailand, or anywhere else - you need to have the big picture in mind at all times so you know where you stand today - and how much further you have to go until you get to realize your Dream Life.


How to Be the Man of HER Dreams - with Mark & Anna Davis


In this lively and fun interaction between Mark & Anna Davis you'll enjoy hearing the inside tips on how to be the man that women in other countries are looking for.



10 Things Genuinely Confident Men Do Differently


I started doing some research on character traits of genuinely confident men and came up with a list of 10 simple differentiators that can make all the difference for you!

If was recently talking with my wife about the things that really score big with women overseas and she said, "Confidence. If he seems to be his own man and shows some ambition it's almost irresistible."


The Science of Flirting - A Powerful Social Skill Everyone Can Use


Flirting is actually a vital part of every persons' communication and in this presentation I'll tell you why. There are 3 types of interactions we lump into the category of "flirting": flirting, teasing, and bantering. Additionally, there are 10 flirting techniques I'll break down for you in this presentation. The DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET can be found here:

"Click Here For Worksheet"


Former CSI Investigator Reports on Dream Connections


As a complete surprise, we learned that a former CSI investigator had been creating his own report on Dream Connections before joining a Quest Tour to Ukraine. This is a fascinating recounting of his findings.




What Are YOUR Odds for Success in Finding Love Overseas? Find out . . .

What are YOUR chances for success in finding an International wife? Do you know what can help and hurt your chances? Are you asking the right or wrong questions? This video goes in-depth into the 7 Key Aspects that DO influence your odds for success. DON'T MISS IT!


Being "The Man" in the Eyes of Women Overseas

This is a bold and unapologetic explanation of how women from around the world perceive gender rolls. To date women from Ukraine, Colombia, Thailand and other countries you need to understand where they're coming from.

One of the most common things you'll hear women say as they describe their ideal man is that he needs to be "the man". This presentation explains what is meant by that statement and more - much more.


True Stories of Mail Order Brides from TV Show Secret Lives of Women - Ukrainian Style


My wife and I enjoyed helping to create this segment. The people at WeTV were awesome to work with. I'm really glad we got to tell our story. Although the term Mail Order Bride is outdated, the idea of men from the West being attracted to foreign brides goes back thousands of years.



New Way to Meet Ukrainian Women that is Working with Huge Success!


This is a rare glimpse into the world of international dating where Ukrainian women meet with Western men in comfortable environments - and magic happens!