Beautiful Inside and Out - Why The Ladies of Dream Connections Are Different

by Andrew Brumana



It's tough.  I know.


Guys hear about the possibility of Dating (and marrying) a woman from an overseas country, and they hear either horror stories, or stories that seem too good to be true.


So like a little boy at the public swimming pool for the first time, he hesitantly shuffles to the edge and dips his toes in.


And it seems okay...


He goes to some Internet Website and he's getting great feedback from the "ladies".  But sadly, it was all a ruse, those website owners who promised the moon, are waiting like the hungry little leeches they are.


It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are...  When it comes to matters of the heart, those other website owners are Masters of Manipulation.


...and it's enough to scare men away for good.


But something in your heart of hearts keeps pulling you towards that faraway land.


I'm here to tell you...


It's OK.


You're right to feel drawn overseas.


It IS the 'Promised Land'.


But why should you trust US, Dream Connections?  What makes you Different?


It's a fair question.


We Know All Of Our Ladies.


You see...  Many 'big box' companies claim that they have Databases of ladies who have 20 thousand, 50 thousand women in them, and it sounds impressive and it SEEMS better.


But... Most of these companies sub-contract to smaller, local agencies to provide women at their events.  There's little, to no quality control of the women the smaller agencies provide; they don't protect against scammers, and even "working girls".


There's a "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" arrangement going on, so the 'big box' company can have plausible deniability that these ladies are allowed in.


Would you want your potential wife be someone like that?  Of course not.


On the other hand... What about the 'good' girls who attend those other socials, not knowing the 'game' that's going on?


It's a nightmare situation for the good, heartfelt woman who's looking for a good man at these events.


That's why we're Proud that we have a smaller database of Ladies -- and we know each and every one of them.


We don't sub-contract to other companies. 


We interview every woman; we get to know who they are, what motivates them, what their life is like, what they're looking for in a man, and we make sure they can be trusted to meet the good men we bring to meet them.


We get to know the women behind the beautiful women in the photos, and make sure that they are as beautiful inside, as well as out.


Here are some examples:


Svetlana attended a number Dream Connections Meet and Greet events, and has found her 'other half' in Greg.


She then recommended her own daughter, Olga to Dream Connections to find her potential husband!


Meet Olga:




Ilona is in her 30's, and found out about Dream Connections from YouTube.  She's from Russia, and made the trip all the way to Ukraine to attend a Meet and Greet Event.


Since she's from Russia, Ilona's local news media paints a very grim picture of Ukraine, but she not only fell in love with Ukraine, but also with Dream Connections.  She's looking for a good man to marry and start a family.



Elmira is a 30 year old lady from Nikolaev.  She's a cosmetologist, and you've probably seen her in our recent "Rocky II" video.  She's looking for a loving, caring, energetic man.



Svetlana comes from a small community, but later moved to Nikolaev.  She met Irina while working as a receptionist at the Continent Hotel.  She became a language teacher, and now is an entrepreneur, working as a language tutor.



Iryna is from Nikolaev.  She's a mom of 2 children, and loves to play piano.  But, she is also interested in cars and extreme sports!


All of these ladies are available and looking for their half.


Success Story:


A common misconception is that these ladies have horrible lives, and they are just looking to come to the U.S. (or any other Western country) to get a Green Card, and will leave you at the first opportunity.


Meet Anna, from Kherson.



She has a successful career.  She has a daughter.  She pretty much 'had it all'.


But she didn't have a Man.


Well, she attended a Dream Connections Meet and Greet Event and met Don.  They're now married and are starting their new life together.



The plain and simple truth is that these women are just like you -- they want to find love.  They want to get married, they want to live the fairy tale, just like you.


She wants to meet you just as much as you want to meet her.  You just have to show up.


If you believe that your future wife may be in Ukraine, then Fill Out a Profile Form Today and let's see if a Quest Romance Tour is right for you.


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