Age Differences


Everyone's got an opinion when it comes to Relationships with Large Age Differences:


...people will accuse women of being "Gold Diggers",


...they will accuse Men of being "Perverts",


...and they will jump to conclusions that the couple will have nothing in common, she's only "arm candy", she'll leave him at the drop of a hat --- because There's NO WAY It Could Be 'Real'.


But the Plain and Simple Truth is that it Simply Doesn't Matter to Those Who Aren't Involved.  


These people are acting from a position of jealousy, and their opinion is ignorant, and hateful, at best.


Age Differences in relationships are Fairly Common across the world, and quite often leads to longer, more satisfying marriages.



For example, take a look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose marriage has been going strong since 2001, despite their 25 year age difference.


Knowing that these relationships can be amazingly fulfilling and loving, here are:


8 Guidelines to a Successful Relationship with a Younger Woman:


1) Don't Look For An Age:



You're looking for a Life Partner, not a number. 


Many foreign women tend to give off a more mature demeanor. 


Pay attention to how you get along, and don't even take age into consideration.


2) Ladies in Foreign Countries LOOK For A Higher Age:



Many Ladies in foreign countries believe that local guys in their 20's all cheat, because younger men in their culture are still sowing their wild oats.


Many believe that a marriage-minded guy would have to be over 30 - and they tend to date guys in that age range in Ukraine when they are as low as 18. 


It's a specific dating strategy on THEIR part.


3) Look For A Good Fit:



When you focus on your chemistry, people spending any time with you will have to admit that you are a good fit for each other and that the age factor is not relevant.


4) They See Their Younger Age As An Advantage:



Foreign women tend to believe that they age much faster than men. 


A 50 year old guy can still be very handsome - but a 50 year old woman rarely is. 


Moreover, she'll be glad that she'll always be the most beautiful woman in your life!


5) You'll Have Amazing Passion And Attraction For Each Other:



Catherine Zeta-Jones said it best:


"The attraction between them was instantaneous and has only grown stronger over the years."


6) Conversations Are Always Fascinating and Never Boring:



Observing the same things in life, you'll see them from two cultures, two genders, and two age perspectives. 


You'll NEVER lack in things to talk about just from your two observations of daily life.


7) You'll Add Value To Each Other:



She'll keep you connected with youthful activities and people with brilliant and young minds. 


You'll provide HER with opportunities in life she wouldn't have had in her home country - and people in your circle she NEVER would have met. 


And, you'll ALWAYS have the hottest woman in the room on your arm.


8) The Age Gap Isn't As Big As You Think:



If you're in your mid-forties when you marry, when you're getting close to the end of your life (assuming mid 80's), you will have been married for nearly 40 years. 


She will be approaching 60 and have had a wonderful life with you.


If you can focus on these 8 steps, you'll be in a MUCH better frame of mind.


To Summarize, make sure you follow these 5 Steps For Success:



Pitfalls Men Fall Into:


  • Blindly Looking at the "Young'uns" - Online Letter-writing companies KNOW that men search for the 'young hotties' in their database and use fake profiles and pre-written auto-generated emails to lure gullible men into spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on their 'service'.

  • Guys fall for the Fantasy Aspect, telling themselves, "Please let it be possible..."

  • Men have experienced Pain in their past relationships, saying, "I'm not doing that again..." 

  • Kids – I want/don't want them: Men may think their window of opportunity has passed of having a family.  If they stick with someone their own age, she will probably have her own, or  it will probably be "too late" for her...





Before you automatically decide, or decide against a younger woman, make sure you take stock of yourself:


Make sure you get to know yourself.  Get a clear picture of your life with a younger woman, and imagine the energy you will have with each other.


But the MOST IMPORTANT Thing is to STAY AWAY from "Foreign Bride" pay-per-letter sites.  


If it's in business, it's probably a scam.  Stop it Now.


The Best Way to meet prospective ladies, is to meet her in person first -- NOT through the Internet.


...And, Follow Your Heart's Desire!


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