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Mark and Anna Davis first met in Nikolaev Ukraine

In the years that followed their introduction Mark wrote a book and they have both been featured on cable TV shows, The TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, and more. When Peter Marra suggested that they should host their own introduction events, they took a hard look at the way things were being done and saw the need for something more authentic. Something that was truly focused on helping good men find a spouse and eliminating the bad eggs from both sides.


Dream Connections is the realization of that dream.

 ”It has been very rewarding to see that our ideas have proven to work. Men who go on our tours are finding themselves connecting deeply with sincere women in Ukraine”, Mark said. “We know that these trips cost money and take time away from careers. It just makes sense to create a system that maximizes that opportunity to make lasting connections. Our clients do not see this as a vacation, but a quest to find their queen!”


Mark Edward Davis – Author/Founder

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 11.15.35 PMMark discovered an amazing secret – one that changed his life – and is dedicated to sharing the good news.   Mark previously owned a leasing company and first dated overseas on a company fishing trip in Brazil.  What he experienced overseas changed his expectations for love, passion, and beauty forever.  Soon after he began to date overseas with the intention of finding a life partner; he succeeded and married Anna Astafieva, from Nikolaev Ukraine.  But he wasn’t the only one.  Several friends found their life partners overseas and encouraged him to write a book about their discovery.


Since that first book was published in 2009 he and Anna have appeared on Dr. Phil, The TODAY Show, Women’s Entertainment Network, and conducted over 50 radio interviews. Mark and Anna now host groups of men on “Quest Tours” with their company, Dream Connections, with an 80% success rate.


Anna Davis – Foreign Operations/Founder

Anna grew up in the town of Nikolaev, Ukraine, as Anna Astafieva.  She has four generations of family there and openly declares that she would not have left if she could have found a faithful, family oriented man in her home town.  She graduated high school at age 16 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion.  She worked and managed a crew at a local clothing factory and was asked to participate as a runway model for the company once or twice a month.  Her boss at the factory was the one who suggested she might want to sign up with the ‘marriage agency’.  She took her bosses’ advice and the rest is history.


Mark and Anna now work together to help good men from the West meet sincere women from Ukraine – and aggressively combat the mail order bride stereotype myths.


Mark and Anna live in Anaheim, California.



Law & Alona Jackson – Founding Couple

Law and Alona Jackson

Mark and Law had been friends long before Law met his wife.  The two worked on a blog site called “International Dating For Men” and later created a framework for educational packages.


Law met his wife in Nikolaev, Ukraine in 2010 and today they have two children together.  Law has continued to contribute his talents and passions to Dream Connections.  As an animator and graphic designer, he created the logos and branding that you see here.


Although he runs an independent corporate branding company at www.LawrenceJackson.com, he still contributes to the Tribe with design projects and answering questions for men on Webinars and private phone calls.


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