6 Steps to Success on a Romance Tour


If you're going to go on a Romance Tour overseas to find your "Other Half", you want to be successful, right?


Of course.


What if I were to tell you that there is a reason why Dream Connections tends to have so much success.


And I'm sharing that with you today.


There is a 6-step process that Dream Connections uses to ensure that you optimize your time in Ukraine for success.


Step 1: Fill Out Your Profile Form



The first step in your success starts when you're first considering whether finding your match overseas is a good fit for you.


This is the most important step.


There are many reasons why we have so much success; but the biggest one is "like attracts like".  You see, the ladies know that the men we bring over to meet them are old-fashioned, marriage-minded men who have strong family values, and we attract ladies who are looking for that in a man.


Sure, there are "party girl" types in Ukraine, Colombia, and Thailand, as there are "party boys" back home.  The thing is, we pack the rooms of our meet-and-greet events with like-minded people, and allow the magic to happen organically.


That's why when you fill out your Profile Form with Dream Connections, you should be fully honest with your answers, so we can optimize your chances for success.


Fill Out A Profile Form



Step 2: Leave the Past in the Past



The #1 reason why guys end up failing before they start is because they are haunted by their past relationships.


I get it.  For the past forty years, men have been bombarded by society to defer to others and tolerate intolerable behavior from our partners, because... "reasons".  And it's understandable that men feel anger as a result.


But the anger you feel is ultimately holding you back from achieving true happiness with your future spouse.


You need to "clean the slate" from all the negativity you feel, and to evaluate your own role where you allowed someone to treat you in such a bad way.


Check out our "Fresh Starts" video and clean your mind and heart from the muck of the past:



Step 3: Know What You Want, But Don't Be Rigid



What if "what you want in a woman" is wrong, and you don't know it yet?


Many inexperienced daters will put up with almost anything to go out with a woman, and they get burnt BADLY.


Others will hide behind a barrier of "I'm not willing to settle for anything but perfection", but the truth is they're desperately trying to hide their deep-seated insecurity.


The best, well-adjusted men are those who are secure in their manliness to know what they want in a partner, but they are willing to "go with the chemistry" to see where it leads.


It may be that what you thought you wanted, really isn't really that important.


I'm all for going for what you want, but if you're sticking rigidly to your list of "criteria" from a place of weakness, you may miss a good thing that's standing right in front of you.


Step 4: Expect To Be Overwhelmed (In a GOOD Way!)


In Western Countries, men who are used to being "invisible", are seen as well-desired commodities elsewhere.  For example, if a man is responsible, hardworking, respectful, and loyal, he can expect to be actively pursued by ladies in non-Western countries.


Watch this video and imagine yourself being in these guys' shoes as they describe their experiences being pursued by the single Ladies of Ukraine.



Step 5: Be Honest With Your Romance Coach


Our Romance Coaches want you to succeed, and will be your evangelist and ambassador of love.  In order for them to effectively work for you and help match you with your perfect woman, you need to convey your thoughts, fears, and frustrations with your coach.


Listen to these Romance Coaches as they describe their views on Teamwork and Passion in helping their Clients find their "Other Half" on a Quest Romance Tour.



Step 6: Trust the Process and Enjoy Yourself!



It's understandable to be nervous.


VERY few heartfelt men will take the leap of faith and travel halfway across the world for the chance of finding their true love overseas.


If you decide to go on a Romance Tour, make sure you work closely with your specially-trained Romance Coach who will go the extra mile to help you find success overseas.


Bonus Video: Listen to my Full Webinar where I Discuss the 6 Steps to Success, and More!



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