Nikolaev Ukraine Quest Tour Trip Report - January 2018

Plain and simply, March 2018's Tour is a Record for Us - A record amount of Men, AND a record amount of Ladies at the event.


Pay attention, and KEEP READING because we've got some AMAZING updates for you in this post!


1) Videos For the Ladies' Profiles!


Recently, we made a new announcement that starting with the March 2018 Quest Romance Tour, we're going to start adding video snippets from the live events of each lady who attends' profile.


We've just started the rollout, so keep an eye on the Ladies' Profile area over this next year as we add them to the page!



2) I Interviewed "Man of Action" Eric Hicks!


Eric joined me at 3:00am, Ukraine Time, to give his assessment and tell first-hand experience of being on a Quest Romance Tour. 


Is he enjoying himself?  Click on the video below to see!



3) A New Lady Interview with Inna Kovinchenko, from Kiev!


Meet Inna.


She's a beautfiul, smart, and talented woman from Kiev.


She's looking for a GOOD MAN who is self-sufficient, kind hearted, and faithful.


Make sure you watch the video below to find out why she thinks Western Men are different, and what makes them an 'ideal man'!



Watch the Full Webinar Replay Video, including the preview of Ladies' Profile Videos, the Interview with Eric Hicks, AND the Interview With Inna Kovinchenko, then click on the image below!



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