Why Russian Women Want to Marry Western Men: Janna


Sometimes the best way to explain something is to get out of the way and let the ladies speak for themselves.


Meet Janna:


"My name is Janna, I'm 27 years old, and from Russia - St. Petersburg.  I'm an air freight department manager.  I'm working at a cargo terminal in our airport in Fuqua.


I'm very fond of different type of activities - like skating, skiing, going to hike, kayaking, all kind of these things.


And also, I like to dance, to paint, and to sing a little bit.


Unfortunately, I don't have kids but I would love to have kids - a lot!  It's just the case that I didn't meet that person that I could have kids with.


I would like a man from another country because I think it's a question of mentality:


For example, in Russia the type of mentality that Russian men have...  I just can't share it, because they have a different type of values that are really important for me and I think this is the main reason.  Maybe because of a bad experience.  So yes.


I would like to have a man who would be loving, caring, who would be family-oriented.


This is the main thing; that the man would like to have not a different type of relationship, but he would like to create family -- to have kids, to go to one purpose together.


[...]It's actually the first time I'm in Ukraine. 


I'm feeling really excited about this! And I hoping that here we will meet a lot of beautiful (I mean, character) men.  (Beautiful inside, not outside.)


I knew about this agency from my friend.  She met an American guy here, and right now she is happily married and they are living in America and, according to her experience, I can see that this is the best type of relationship that could ever happen, so this is why I'm here."




Russian Women - Janna


After getting to know Janna, it's clear that she's an amazing, special woman that would make some lucky man's life happy beyond measure.


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