Why Moldovan Women Want to Marry Western Men: Natalia


Just like our recent interviews with our Russian and Kazakhstani Ladies, Natalia traveled from Cyprus all the way to Nikolaev (on her own expense) to participate in a recent Quest Romance Tour.


Check out her Story:


Hello, my name is Natalia, I was born in Chisinau, Moldova, and I've lived for 22 years in Cyprus.  I am 41 years old.


I work as a singer in the entertainment business, but my hobbies - I am fond of fashion design, making clothes, and I also play the violin.


I don't have children, I would like to have that, [but] it's not necessary.


I simply would like to find my love, and it doesn't matter from what country.  


Not because a man is from another country, because I've lived abroad -- I lived 22 years in Cyprus, I'm looking exactly for love.


For a man with the same use in life; who knows what he wants, someone to create love with.  


I have never been to a [Dream Connections] event; it's my first time!


It's exciting, of course, but very interesting.


As a minimum, I expect to have a good time, to meet new people.  As a maximum, to find the right person for me.


My best friend has been watching your videos for a long time on YouTube, and a long time ago she has been pushing me to try.  In fact, at the beginning of this week she finally helped me to make a decision and contact you!  


[I then] realized that the meeting is so soon...  She was like, "You need to try!"


I was like, "It's probably too late, maybe in March." 


"No, you need to try now; just get ready."


It was very unexpected, I had to cancel some work, but I was saying that [it's] really well for me, and I think that it's a good sign!  




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