Webinar Replay – Anna On Relationships

It's not often that you'll get to hear first-hand the raw truth about multi-national relationships, with a lady's spot-on sensibility.


Last Tuesday, Anna talked about those Important Topics that you didn't know you needed to hear, but are INVALUABLE.


Things Like:


  • The 3 Types of Relationships through History, and what you can learn from each

  • The REAL Reasons Why Overseas women Look to Western Men for Marriage.

  • Why NOT having things in Common with your Spouse is actually a GOOD Thing!

  • How Anna learned to Avoid Relationship-crushing Mistakes

  • The 2 Primary Breakdowns of Relationships

  • How International Relationships are Completely Different from same-country relationships!

  • The #1 Mistake People Make in International Relationships

  • How to Keep your Lady from becoming Homesick


...and more!


Check out the Video Below:

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