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1. What is Included in a Quest Tour?

  • We Provide You With Personal Coaching, training, and resources to maximize your chances for success when you go to Ukraine in search of your life-partner.
  • Deliver a Unique Mix Of Singles Events designed to eliminate every barrier and help you connect with an abundance of beautiful, eligible, ladies in Ukraine, whether you are shy or outgoing. We create comfortable ways for people to meet, interact, and enjoy getting to know each other. We provide comfortable dinners, speed dating, group dates, bowling dates, and more.
  • Hotel with Breakfast and WiFi Comfortable rooms located near the city centers. Start every day by hanging out with the guys for breakfast, if you chose. Keep in touch back home through the internet and Skype calls (ask us how).
  • Assign You a Personal Translator / Assistant while you are in Ukraine. She will be your translator, date coordinator, as well as your advocate. Your translator will be your shield and guide and B.S. detector.
  • Hand You Your Own Personal In-Country Cell Phone pre-programmed with your translator’s number, your guide’s local number, and any ladies you chose to add. You’ll take this phone home with you so you can use it again when you come back to spend more time with the one you decide to pursue.
  • Pick you up at the airport, You’re never alone! We pick you up at the airport and drive you to and from the airport to our main city for dates in a modern and comfortable bus.
  • Give You Access To Our Community of men and women who have met and married through international romance journeys, and other guys just like you who have made the commitment, and are at every stage of the process from preparation to fiance visa and marriage – and beyond.
  • Support You After You’ve Found Her through the visa process and adjustments to life at your home. We will connect you with experienced mentors who want to help you successfully meet and marry the woman of your dreams – just like they did.
    And, you get all this for about the same price as old school romance tours with less than half the benefits!

2. What does a Quest Tour Cost?

Now you know what you can expect from your experience in Ukraine with European Dream Connections. It’s $4,650.00 one-time – or 3 easy payments of $1,650.00!

Call if you have questions or a unique situation: (888) 899-8600

3. How Do I Put Down a Deposit?

$497 deposit will be good for any future Quest Tour and does not expire. Click the button below to go to the deposit payment page now!

But, one thing needs to be made clear – all Quest Tour Clients have to talk with Mark and Anna Davis before final acceptance. We are very clear that we do not take sex tourists or jerks. It’s not hard to convey your sincere desire to find a life partner, but this type of screening will make your trip a better experience and is assuring to the ladies you’ll meet that we have taken this step.

Call Mark or Anna today if you have any doubts that this is right for you!
Call (888) 899-8600

4. What are the Next Tour Dates?

Dream Connections’ QUEST TOUR Dates for 2013:

We condensed the schedule for the year, but these are confirmed dates:

  • Odessa / Nikolaev: April 19 – 27
  • Odessa / Nikolaev: June 14 – 22
  • Odessa / Nikolaev: August 23 – 31

(We may add an early October Tour as well)

  • Odessa / Nikolaev: November 22 – 30


Terms and Conditions

The Quest Tour Program Includes:

Dating and Introductions

We will help you prepare your profile and present it to prospective ladies in Ukraine. In addition to the women on our public site, we have others we may feel would be good to introduce you to. We will provide you with a list of the ladies who are attending our speed dating event. We make no guarantees about advanced date arrangements. The list of ladies who you will meet along with their photos is part of the Welcome Kit that you’ll receive when you arrive.

Various organized dating events

Included in the tour are several scheduled events; arrival night dinner/mixer, introductory lunch to meet your translators, speed dating social event, and the group date outings. The costs for the use of the facilities, your translator, and ladies introductions are included. Food is provided at the arrival dinner, lunch with translators, speed dating event, and the main group date outing. Alcohol is not included. The group bowling event is optional and encouraged, but not required or covered in the tour cost.

Lodging w/Breakfast

All of the men stay together at the same hotel. It will be located near the city center to make dating options close – within walking distance in most instances. The hotels we use provide a simple breakfast.


We provide round trip ground transportation from the airport to the hotel, the organized events, and back. Taxi services are readily available and cheap. Your translator/guide will help coordinate any private transportation you might need on your own.

We do not provide air transportation because it adds little value to the goal of finding a spouse and can cause complications. We understand that other organizations purchase these round trips tickets from JFK , but then you have to purchase travel to arrive and coordinate with that flight.  Should you meet someone and decide to stay longer it creates complications with your connecting flights. Finally, we have clients who don’t need this “included” flight at all since they live in Australia or Europe. What we do instead is put your money to work toward the things that will help you find a spouse such as more introduction events, different types of meeting events, plus, and a first ever, your own dedicated translator who will help you connect.  This also allows you to expand your dating prospects to include more Russian speaking women. That JFK thing is not money well spent if the goal is a spouse.

Assigned Translator

You will have a translator/guide assigned to you. She will help you during your days in the city where all of the events take place, such as Nikolaev for example. Since we don’t organize dating events in the fly-in/fly-out cities (such as Odessa) we won’t be providing translators for those short days. Your assigned translator has been hired by DC to work with you from the Friday night dinner through the following Thursday’s group dinner event.  If requests are being made of her time that exceed 8 hours in a day we may have someone else assist you for the extra hours.  Please tip your translators at the end of the week if they provided excellent service for you.  Men in the past have paid from $50 to $200 tips.  If you want to hire your translator to help you continue your relationship with your new-found love, they are certainly available and will work out the rates with you based on your needs.

Onsite Expert Dating Support

Expert matchmaking help is available around the clock during your tour. Whether it’s Mark Davis, Anna Davis, Peter Marra, Law Jackson or others, you will have access to expert feedback on your dating experiences in real time.

Deposits, Refunds, Return Trip Policies

Upon receipt of the first $497 deposit you will be sent the blank profile form for you to complete and return along with 5 current photos. The first $497 is not-refundable, but any other money paid toward a specific trip will be refunded upon written request if made 30-Days prior to departure. Refund requests made with less than 30-Day notice will be accepted less $950. Timing for refund checks will be sent in the confirmation email.

Alumni Tour Discount

If you have participated as a full-price paid customer on a previous Quest Tour or Individual Quest Tour you will be eligible for a $500 discount on any subsequent trips you would like to take with Dream Connections.

Refer-a-Friend Program

If you refer-a-friend to Dream Connections and they become a Quest Tour client then we will send you $350 upon their successful return from that fully paid/full-price trip.

Limited Liability

Dream Connections accepts no other liabilities other than to deliver the services indicated above and no monetary liability beyond the actual amounts received by DC from the individual client.

The Quest

“The Year That Changes Your Life”

$497 deposit will be good for any future Quest Tour
and does not expire. Click the button below
to go to the deposit payment page now!


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