Thailand Quest Tour Trip Report - January 2018

Romance Tour Trip Report: Thailand


Imagine that you've NEVER left your country.


Sure, you've traveled around within your country, but you've never taken the "big leap" and gone abroad.


It's scary, I know.


You're leaving behind the familiarity you've come to expect; like a toddler with his security blanket.


And it's even SCARIER knowing that you're going abroad to find your "Other Half".


But now it's time to see what's out there, take life by the horns and trail-blaze your own destiny.


...And Have An Adventure


Well, for 3 guys on January 2018's Quest Tour to Thailand, they've done just that.


Every single guy on the Tour is having the time of his life, and EVERYONE is having wonderful, solid connections with the ladies they are dating.


During our Trip Report webinar last night, I interviewed Joshua Johnson, who, although he's a seasoned vet when it comes to world travel, his mind was blown when he came to Thailand with us.


Check out the Trip Report Webinar Replay by Clicking the Video Below:



Next, click below to view the slide show of over 200 photos of the Meet and Greet Events:


Thailand, Bangkok. January 2018. Meet And Greet Events.


We currently have 2 Tours going to Thailand this year, but we also have 3 Tours going to Medellin, Colombia and 8 Tours going to Ukraine in 2018.


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